In the gardens

Using Neem

Neem trees are one of the most useful medicinal plants in India. Part of neem trees—leaves, berries, and twigs—are naturally antiseptic and antibiotic, and since they taste so terrible, they discourage insects from eating crops and flowers.  Neem extracts even... Read more

Crops with no water

Delhi is a desert area, and the water level is steadily dropping beyond the reach of many of our deep wells. Nevertheless, by Maharaj’s grace, water harvesting, and the dedication and ingenuity of our gardeners, we manage to grow vegetables,... Read more


In India it is said that it took God 21 days to create all of Creation, and another 21 days to create a peacock. Exotically beautiful, ever-enchanting, peacocks are nonetheless not rare at Gobind Sadan. They have become so numerous... Read more

Priya’s Flowers

Russian visitors have a special fascination with Gobind Sadan’s flowers, especially in the winter when Russia is deep under snow. They also have a love for beauty that is thrilled by God’s endless floral creativity. Priya, a long-term Russian sevadar,... Read more