Spiritual Messages from Maharaj Ji

Long before I met Him in His temporary physical form as Baba Virsa Singh Ji, Maharaj Ji has been guiding me from inside. Now that He is no longer in that physical body, he continues to do so. On request, He sometimes gives very touching and true messages for specific purposes. Some of these will be posted on Stories from Paradise from time to time so that more people can benefit from His eternal wisdom.

Ocean of Love

A Russian sevadar asked Maharaj what is the next step forward for her. He said:

Understand that you are in an ocean of Love. Sometimes you can just float in it; sometimes you will have to swim. But don’t get... Read more

Someone is listening

A Norwegian woman came to Gobind Sadan and asked, “What is God? What can you recite if you do not feel close to any scriptures?” Jesus Maharaj answered, Pray from the heart. You will find that Someone—beyond the physical world,... Read more

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