February 4th & 6th 1996 – Chief Minister of Punjab and Home Minister visit


              After the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh, was assassinated even with 5000 security people around him, security is very tight at Gobind Sadan as the new Chief Minister, H. S. Brar, comes to pay his first visit to Maharaj. There are about ten cars in his entourage, plus an ambulance and a doctor and blood supplies, should he be attacked and need immediate medical care. His security men are holding their weapons very conspicuously and are quite tense as they see people like me wandering around in Maharaj’s garden, doing who knows what, with tape recorder and camera. His staff are offered pakoras, jalebis , and tea. We hope they will be more relaxed next time they come.

The Chief Minster spends two hours with Maharaj and then comes out to bow at the havan and Darbar Sahib, where fifteen Akhand Paaths are going on. Maharaj’s talk to him is full of spiritual guidance, including these points:

Make good fate with meditation and Nam. There is no limit to how lofty it can be.

There is life in all things—trees, earth—but how can we understand that as life? By enlightenment. People want love and happiness, and animals likewise are happy and loving when their master comes. Even things that cannot speak understand a lot.

He is blessing 24 hours a day—increasing happiness, giving oceans of love and mercy. All needs are with Him. Enjoyment, taste, choice, and religion are already within people, but they do not realize them and they have little faith in dharma.

God can turn a pauper into a king, and a king into a pauper. Love, seva, and justice make fate rise.

Always pray that your state, your country will be good: “You give everything. May all be happy.”

If we love God, we will have compassion for people. God is not separate from us.

If people are good, help them. If they are bad, help them understand. Do not look at their faults. If you do that, you cannot do any work.

February 6

              I was not there in the evening when the new Chief Minister of Punjab and the Home Minister of India, Buta Singh, both came to see Maharaj at the same time. They were political opponents though of the same party. I was told that Buta Singh, a long-time devotee of Maharaj Ji, immediately sat close to Maharaj’s feet, lovingly saying, “Sachay Patshah, Sachay Patshah”  (“True King, True King”). H. S. Brar started by sitting in a chair that had been set out for him. But when he saw Buta Singh, he popped out of his chair and sat near him on the floor. As Maharaj spoke and cast his merciful gaze on them, they became more and more comfortable and loving with each other, until at last they were embracing. Maharaj blessed them both together, one hand on each head.

              Later Maharaj told me about this meeting, saying, “This was such a powerful scene!”  And in describing it to the Kalha family when they came to see him, he said,

There is such a great drama in the world. Some people are so powerful that their decisions affect lakhs of people. But God is also a Boss sitting up there.