December 25, 1992: Connection with God

I told Maharaj that my brother-in-law’s health was poor because he couldn’t stop smoking. Maharaj told me to pray for him very strongly and to send him bibhuti (ash from the havan). He should place a bit of it on his tongue whenever he would have the desire to smoke. He would slowly decrease the number of cigarettes he smoked, and then this habit would be entirely gone.

I also said to Maharaj that my brother-in-law wonders how to be connected with God. Maharaj pointed out,

He is already connected with God. He should understand that. If he were not, there would be no life in his body. He would be dead.

In the state of enlightenment, people see God in everything. God is making the dancer dance, the poet write. The devotee dances to the guru’s hukam.

People are drawn to God by God’s great attraction. God is the tastiest taste, the most beautiful Being.