December 26, 1992: Giving Nam

“Editor Sahib,” Gurbachan Singh, head granthi (priest) of Gobind Sadan, USA, had come. Maharaj first spoke to him about Christianity:

Christianity is working so well because of its good organization. An organization is a body in which all the parts are working well. No one part declares itself the leader.

Jesus came in a body of flesh, like an ordinary person, but he removed all the people’s difficulties. Some artists show him crying on the cross, but I don’t think he did.

Maharaj with Editor Sahib
Maharaj with Editor Sahib

Then Maharaj turned to instructing Editor Sahib how to help people who come to him for spiritual guidance:

If you’re thinking of giving Jaap Sahib to someone who seems dark, first take hukam and see if there is light around them from that thought. If there is, stress strongly to them that they will be blessed if they read Jaap Sahib. If not, tell them that things will improve if they keep reading it.

Nam will work in any case. There is no special method. There are four things that work together: [One is the person who gives the Nam.] You give Nam to someone. You have to see to whom to give the Nam. In that gift, there is a lot of God’s love. The tongue that recites God’s Name is a special tongue. When such a person gives the Nam, the rays of light fall on the other person. Then when you say something to them, there are special rays of light. Immediately the doors are opened.

An ordinary person cannot give Nam because he or she doesn’t have these qualities. If a person loves God and recites Nam, his body gives out rays; there is no need of speaking. When you are sitting close to that person, your mind is concentrated. That is why certain people have been selected by God. Those whom They select become special.

I remarked, “It is God who prepares them. One does nothing.” Maharaj said, “Yes—but they must have done something in a past life.” Then he continued,

The speed of God in forgiving is so fast that it cannot be measured. It may take some time to speak from your tongue, but before it even comes to your mind and your tongue, forgiveness is there. In countries after countries, before speaking He can x-ray what is going on now, in the past, in the future. He can x-ray millions of persons within a fraction of a second.

Where God’s blessing comes, you don’t need much knowledge. He Himself gives everything. He gives so fast that you don’t have time to think. It’s not that academic study is bad, but God teaches very few people. Sometimes all the seats are vacant in His school. There are only selected students in His school.

First you have to give up everything. Only then can you enter His school. People don’t want to give up everything. The admission fee is to first surrender everything. But the biggest thing is that the power to surrender is given by Him only. He loves loneliness. Good feelings and good ideas are also given by Him, but to very few people. There are very few special persons created by Him. Sometimes He just closes His eyes and brushes everyone along: “Just push them out.”

He has already said one thing: All lives– the numbers of all creatures of different species– are fixed from the beginning day. At present, humans are increasing and animals are decreasing. This equation keeps changing—sometimes other creatures increase. But the number of creatures is fixed from the very beginning day.

Then Maharaj said to me in an aside,

If you will write a book on God, people will be amazed because they won’t understand it. In my childhood, Guru Gobind Singh told me in vision that God would write a book on God through me.

He then remarked about a woman I had introduced to him:

Her condition is like a tortoise. Sometimes she looks at people and sometimes she looks at Maharaj. She has not been speaking about this subject before. She does not fear, but she thinks, “What will people think?” If she says that Maharaj is a holy man they won’t believe her because they think a holy man only sits and talks. It’s hard for her because she has no faith in God.

Nobody is ready to believe in God until God is proved. God Himself doesn’t show the proof because He doesn’t want a crowd of people asking questions. He doesn’t want to be surrounded by those kind of people.

But there are certain people who can be helpful in spreading God’s message because they have good brains and good contacts. A person can change. When someone is under pressure, when times are bad, and there is all darkness around, Maharaj talks about good things. When the person is under tremendous pressure, this goes into his heart rather than his brain. When it is in his heart, he will talk about God. These kind of people need to be shown three things: logic, practical proof, and the blessing of God. Then they kneel down before God. If these three things are not there, it will not happen. You should always say that this or that is the blessing of God. You have the second and third thing very strong; even if the first (logic) is weak, it’s okay. But Maharaj will bless that.