December 30, 1992: A Speaker through which God Speaks

They say it is a great honour when a Muslim invites you to eat in his home. Businessman Hassan Saab, who had met Maharaj at the Chadhas’ home, invited him and his entourage to his home in Manhattan for dinner. As we were riding in the car to Hassan Saab’s house, Maharaj said to me,

God sends His team first and then sends the prophet. God chooses these persons first, and then when the prophet comes, they work together with the prophet. Then God does His own work Himself. People say, “We are very impressed. Babaji spoke very well.” Inwardly, Babaji laughs and says to God, “What are You doing? The impression is from You, and yet they use my name.” Smiling, God replies, “You are doing My work.” They both laugh, and keep on laughing.

Whenever I hear the old tapes of the songs I used to sing, vairag comes to me: What wonder has God done? My concern is only that I be a speaker through which God speaks. A speaker is like a statue, made of iron.

So the preaching of God, the love of God, the faith of God—surely all are under the control of God. It may be that you are also one of them. It is very important for you that whenever a good thought comes and you speak well, don’t be proud, thinking, “This is my idea.” Always feel and say, “It is by the blessing of God. This is the reality, the truth—It is not I who am telling you.”

Whenever people are very miserable, their cries must surely reach God’s court.

At Hassan Saab’s home, Maharaj was lovingly greeted by the whole family—his wife and all their children. Then Maharaj spoke to them for perhaps an hour, telling stories about how much the Prophet Muhammad’s followers loved him. We were all near tears, so touching were his words.

Maharaj with Hassan Saab’s family
Maharaj with Hassan Saab’s family

After the beautiful meal lovingly prepared and offered by Mrs. Saab, we rode home in silence, so special was the evening. At last I said to Maharaj, “That was Prophet Muhammad speaking tonight, wasn’t it?” Maharaj replied, “You have understood. But it is not the time to tell of these things.”