Fall 1992: Through the Adirondacks

Maharaj Ji spent about six months in the United States from summer into winter 1992. During most of this time, he lived in seclusion at the beautiful home of Ralph Singh and Joginder Kaur in the countryside outside Syracuse, New York. Regarding him as their father as well as their beloved Guru, they did everything possible for his comfort. Wanting him to enjoy his stay, they also rented a 30-foot-long recreational vehicle in which to take him travelling through scenic natural areas, particularly the Adirondacks. They are called mountains there, but they are actually mostly rolling hills–sparsely populated, densely forested, and dotted with lakes. The recreational vehicle was like a travelling house for Maharaj, complete with a bedroom and small kitchen.

Maharaj blessed Ralph, Joginder Kaur, and me with the courage to drive such a big vehicle for the first time in our lives:. Though the roads were mostly wide and easily navigable, the day we were to return, Maharaj announced that it was a very dangerous day, and told us all to read Jaap Sahib continuously. By the grace of God, we reached home safely.

Maharaj himself was ever unflappable, even when we stopped at Lake Placid, former home of the Winter Olympics, and Ralph took him on a ski lift to the top of a ski jump.

This was supposed to be a private journey, but how could we hide Maharaj? Whenever we stopped to admire the view, people couldn’t help noticing Maharaj in his white dress, so elegant and spiritually powerful.Once we stopped the RV at a lake, and I took his picture standing on the dock.Tourists naturally gathered around to look at him in wonder. If they understood the greatness of this visiting Indian saint, they should consider themselves very, very fortunate to have his darshan, especially at a time when he was otherwise in seclusion.