Fascinating Photos From Paradise

Photos from Gobind Sadan

At the center of Gobind Sadan’s sacred campus are three special places built according to the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (10th Sikh Guru, beloved Guru of Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj). When Maharaj Ji first came to what is now Gobind Sadan, as he stepped out of the car next to the big tree in the center, Guru Gobind Singh immediately appeared on his horse, in the place where there is now a large umbrella. The Guru said, “This is the place which I told you about in Amritsar (where he had told Maharaj Ji to refuse a wealthy person’s offer of his large estate). These are the three places where I meditated in previous lives. Whosoever will bow his forehead on these places will get blessings and his karma will change. If he will do seva and recite Nam and Jaap Sahib here, he will receive more and more blessings.”


Photos from Shiv Sadan

Since the 1980s Baba Virsa Singh developed a barren alkaline wasteland near the Ganges River in Uttar Pradesh into a huge, flourishing farm. Its produce has helped to support his charitable work. Babaji always said of himself, “I’m just a farmer, the son of a farmer.” And he always felt that his charitable activities should be supported by Gobind Sadan’s own hard work. The farm, named “Shiv Sadan,” is a great demonstration of the power of faith in God linked with hard work.

Maharaj in the USA 1992

From fall into winter of 1992, Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj was hosted by Ralph Singh and Joginder Kaur at their home outside of Syracuse, New York. While in the United States, he took several trips blessing the homes of some of his devotees with his presence and meeting quietly with small groups of people, from town planners in Washington, D.C. to the large family of a Lebanese philanthropist in Brooklyn, New York. These are photos of some of the places where he went and some of the people with whom he met. Meeting him had an unforgettable impact on each one.