February 14, 1995 – Healing of Sohel, Part II

When I saw Dr. Chopra (Director of a major government hospital) two days ago, he told me that three of Sohel’s four large open sores have healed, by the blessings of Jesus’ Place. Navjot has been rubbing dirt from Jesus’ Place on them daily, per Giani Ji’s hukam (see January 24) . After four months of their remaining open and raw, they have suddenly healed. “We cannot explain this medically,” says Dr. Chopra.” We bandage wounds to keep dirt and insects out, but here they have rubbed dirt directly onto the wounds, and they have healed.”

Not only that—Sohel is now able to eat more and digest well, and his previous problem with constipation has gone away. Previously he could barely eat one roti (flat unleavened bread), and he had become very thin. But for the past few days he has been eating two rotis each meal and dal as well. Visibly, he looks much better—not so thin, with more energy, and happy.