February 27, 1993: Love God and struggle hard

A group of young adults from Sweden have come to Shiv Sadan to see Maharaj. One of them is Nandi Vileika of Stockholm, who ultimately spent a long time doing very dedicated volunteer work at Gobind Sadan. They are associated with a school that is devoted to international studies and environmental issues, and are interested in sending students to Asia to learn about other cultures firsthand. Maharaj begins by speaking to them about God:

Everything from the time we are born is done in pursuit of happiness. If we build a big house, it is in search of happiness. We also meditate for this reason. What is the disease of the mind? Worry and pressure. Then the mind is sick. When we meditate, we see that whatever God is doing is right. As we spend time in meditation, we begin to see that Light in all nature. It is true: God does exist in everything. When God leaves, everything withers.

That for which we are searching is sitting in us, not outside. But we have to delve within ourselves through meditation. When we use enlightened vision, we see that God is there, closer than our hands and feet.  Those who have realized know that God is within us. When that love of God comes within us, we see God speaking to us everywhere. Even the rocks, the mountains, speak, but we don’t hear.

Then Maharaj tells them the sweet story of Bhagat Nam Dev [see February 11 story], who offered milk to an idol so innocently that God had to respond to him through the idol and drink the milk. Maharaj concludes, There is no place where we cannot find God.

There is a little difference between meditation and prayer. When we pray, we are speaking to God. When we meditate, we are listening to God. It is only when we can hear God’s words for us that enlightenment can actually occur.

I see that no one is free and happy in the world. People have so many fears. How to get rid of them? By reciting the Name of the One Who is beyond all fears. The Gurus say, ”If the Fearless One is always with you, how can you fear?”  Ignorance always comes out of the darkness. Wisdom comes from the Light.

As young people, it will be very good for you to make friends with God, Who will take you through this life. If you try to travel through life alone, you will exhaust yourselves. This path of life only offers success to those who have set a goal for themselves, and we must love God. When we love God, God will give us everything we need. The best thing is for us to love God tremendously. Then we, our friends, our society, our country will be happy.

Maharaj invites them to ask questions. Lennart says, “We see starving people and very rich people all over the world. Where is the justice in this?”

Maharaj replies, We cannot say that everything who is rich is necessarily bad. Out of their ideas, they have provided food and work for others. On a practical level, this area where you are sitting was under fifteen feet of water. We had to go in there in a boat. People had nothing. With God’s grace, we decided to cultivate this area. Everyone said, “How can you possibly do this? They will steal the shirt off your back.”

There was no fresh water. They drank from ditches. When we set up pumps, they stole them. We replaced them. I told the devotees not to worry about these people. They have lost faith not only in God but also in themselves. As a result of development, they may gain faith in both. In a short time, they brought the pumps back.

Without pressuring anyone or taking anything from anyone, we have set up this place so that thousands can be fed and maintained. They are happy. Now there are buses and electricity where before there were none.

So where is the question of rich and poor? They weren’t working, and this Power came in and developed everything. My feeling is that if people in Africa started working, they could feed the world.  There is no question that some cannot work because they have no hands and feet. There is no question that we have to help them. The poor cannot remain poor if they get up and work. This is practical.

In India, the greatest object of worship is the Ganges. When Mata Ganga saw the work going on here and the love, she said she would move and leave hundreds of acres more for us. Where was fifteen to twenty feet of water, She gave more land because She saw our work.

God gave us free will. God doesn’t put pressure on us. We know when we are doing right or wrong. Anyone who works will definitely be provided with food.

I am sure you have heard that there are many places where people have no food or health care, but if you look, you will see that they are not working. So where is the question of rich and poor? If we didn’t work, there would be poverty. God guide me from within that ifi everyone works, none will be poor.

God is not a theory. All Prophets have said that God is very beneficent, and they spoke the truth. Never thnk that God is not just. God always metes our justice. Just work at whatever work you know, and God will bless you.

There were a lot of poor people here. They have begun to work, and they have realized that by working they will get a lot more food than by stealing.

From my perspective, there is no basis for that question. If yo go to those countries that are reportedly poor, all sorts of industries could be set up. We stand on the treasure that is the earth, and we are not using it. Poverty cannot come if we make an effort.

It is not a theory. I never speak out of theory, because when you do, you are cheating. Hundreds of thousands of people are being fed here from land where one couldn’t even walk. It was fit only for animals and snakes. There is no place in the world that cannot be developed.

God has provided a tremendous amount for us, and there is a lot yet for us to develop. God will help us. If we just sit here anxious, nothing will happen. People were worried: “How to develop this area? And if we go there, we’ll get bitten by a snake.” No one was.

Lennart suggests, “People lack knowledge of methods of development, and there is no one to tell them.”

Maharaj replies, If someone is going to take on this challenge, first they have to set a practical example in their own lives. The people who have come here have no practical experience. We didn’t go to the villages. As development took place, villagers came to see and invited me to their villages. I didn’t have to say much. They could see.

You are right: Village people are uninformed, but to teach them you have to demonstrate. Otherwise, they will say, “Where is this crazy guy coming from?” If they see the results of your work, they will automatically be in favour of it. It is very necessary to work. Then the villagers will come to learn. They want to see for themselves. They don’t want words.

Nandi asks, “There are people who consciously abuse money and resources for their own benefit or political power. How shall we deal with them? If is very difficult to confront them.”

Maharaj responds, “First tell me why you can’t confront them.”

“I can write letters and they won’t respond. I can’t meet them like this. Part of their abuse is to neglect people who try to alter things.”

Businesspeople or politicians?


Maharaj wisely advises, You must understand that people will never be changed by letters or questions. You have to develop a project and then they will come to see it. Why should they listen to you if you haven’t done anything?

On the other hand, if you are opening a school for the blind or disabled, they will want to meet you. Maybe it will take your whole life. Then when you get to the end of your life they will come. But don’t waste your life worrying about the people in power. Go to the people at the bottom and start helping them. Don’t get angry with those in power. Make your own goal.

Your life is passing. Your anger is just spoiling your time.

Nandi asks, “How can we with a more humble approach make cultures and religions meet? People from my culture would find this one weird, and vice versa.”

Maharaj replies, First you must understand that God is the King of all spirits. God exists in all cultures. To bring people together, you must first love God and then God will bring people together. It is not within our power. Don’t waste your time if you are not directing your love to God.

People who are amazed by differences do not know God. They would otherwise see that everything is within God’s order.

God’s time always comes. It’s for God to worry. You work. It is your responsibility to work and help people.

Nandi says, “Part of that work is for me to bring people together in understanding.”

Maharaj says, “That’s good. Work hard at it. But don’t waste time worrying about what people are saying. Just love God and work to serve people. Then they will be happy and you will be happy.”

Mannan, another of the Swedes, queries, “The people who were Conquistadors loved God and killed thousands of people. The same happens in Northern Ireland.”

Maharaj firmly replies, It’s not just a matter of saying you love God. You can’t just take God’s name and say He told you to do that. It takes a lot of effort to develop that love of God. God will never accept such actions in His name.

Jesus himself said, “My Father, please forgive them. They don’t know what they’re doing.” Those were God’s words. The same is true for Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, Guru Nanak. . . . Pay attention to what God has said to His messengers, not to what these people are saying.

Members of the Swedish group express their concerns about constitutional rights of religious groups and rights of children. Maharaj responds, Good idea. Don’t think that there are simple solutions. You might have to struggle, give up the rest of your life, because it is out of great struggle that we succeed in such goals. There are always people wanting to do good work. If their goal is firm and their faith in God is strong, they will succeed. The solutions to those problems will come when you struggle very had. Get to work on it.