February 8, 1993: The Bees Know


A busload of 200 people came to Gobind Sadan today to tour the sacred precincts. But instead of following our programme—Nam simran, jaap Sahib, and seva—they just played and lounged on the grass, even in the sacrosanct small central garden in front of Baba Siri Chand’s havan. Gobind Sadan’s sangat asked them to follow our programme, but they ignored the advice. Then one of their misbehaving children threw a stone into the golden-flowered amaltas tree near the havan. It hit a bees’ nest. The bees flew out and started stinging the guests all over. No one from the sangat got a single bite.

This event reminds Gurdev Singh of another bee story from Gobind Sadan. He remembers that he was discussing dairy matters with Maharaj Ji on the hillside where Maharaj’s house was later built. There were some bushes in the area below and Maharaj called Suba Singh and a new sevadar to dig them up by their roots to clear that area. As they started doing so, they disturbed a bees’ nest. The bees immediately started flying all around. Suba Singh kept working with his kahi; the other man ran away. Maharaj was watching. No bee stung Suba Singh. He completed the job and then came to Maharaj to report, “Our work is finished.” Maharaj Ji said, “I always say that God is the King of Spirit. This is the practical example. This person—Suba Singh—has faith. The other is a newcomer and did not have faith. God has not given any order to the bees to sting the faithful person. That is why he is saved.”