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One of my favorite aspects of life at Gobind Sadan is that we are spiritually free. Our soul is like a bird whose nature is to fly freely; it does not thrive in a small cage.

Baba Virsa Singh Ji never tried to make us his followers, never set himself up as a guru, never developed a new religious sect, never tried to change our religion, never said there is only one path to God, never tried to extract money from us in the name of religion. He carried a simple message from God, which he always credited to Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh, lived by it, and encouraged us to do the same. In Guru Nanak’s formula, that means working hard to support ourselves by honest means, sharing with others, and always remembering God. Guru Gobind Singh’s great addition to this formula is “Maanas ki jaat sabhai ikhai pachanbo” – May all humanity be recognized as one human race. As Babaji always said, “We are all brothers and sisters.”

From the time I first came to Gobind Sadan in 1990-1991, Babaji directed me toward Jesus, since I was from a Christian family. In fact, although I had traveled all over the world, I never found Jesus until I came to Gobind Sadan. He is very present here, along with so many other prophets and deities. So is His Mother, Mary. They are very beloved parts of our spiritual lives here. Babaji had for years been sending me to pray for people at Jesus’ Place, and that is still a special part of my daily life.  Some of the people who come to our Jesus are Christians but many more are Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims. Babaji taught us, “You do not have to be a Christian to love Jesus, or a Muslim to love Prophet Muhammad, etc.”  Babaji gave me a formula by which Jesus had said childless couples could be blessed with a baby, and I do that according to those instructions. By now hundreds of babies have been born by these blessings at Jesus Place. Countless have been healed and raised from poverty and depression by Jesus Maharaj’s blessings. I cannot see Jesus and Maharaj Ji as two separate beings—they are the same Light, the same Love.

Now we are trying to spread Maharaj’s mission throughout the world, but what shall we spread? He didn’t set up a rigid organization. He didn’t initiate us into anything except authentic spirituality when he gave us Nam. He didn’t teach us a specific method of meditation. He told me, “The only way to meet God is through love, and there can be no method for love. Anywhere you sit with love, God will come and find you.” He gave us invaluable guidance for our lives. If we recite Nam and try to live by his teachings—such as the ones we’ve collected in the little book “Loving God”—our lives can change, deeply. There will be no one between us and God. We are free to meet Him/Her/This directly.