Gobind Sadan Photos Part 2

Maharaj Ji speaking to Rev. Kwak and Frank Kaufman (of The Interreligious Federation for World Peace) with translation by Ralph Singh, a long-time devotee from the United States who had learned to translate not only the words but also the inner meaning of Maharaj’s talks in Punjabi.

Sometimes Maharaj Ji greeted visitors in the small garden outside the Dubai Kothi. Here he is meeting with Giani Nahar Singh, a venerable historian whose research he supported and who had presented his latest book. Dr. G. S. Anand is on the left under the umbrella.

Maharaj Ji also gave audience in his magical garden on the hillside. The stone platform where he sat is still considered a very holy place, since it was blessed by his presence. Here he is speaking to the Interreligious Federation for World Peace, whose President, Sir Francis Clark of England, is standing at a microphone. Seated next to Maharaj, Ralph Singh is translating between Punjabi and English.

Maharaj is addressing the international guests in that holy garden on the hillside, near the house into which he eventually shifted his residence.

Sometimes Maharaj spoke in other places, such as gatherings at people’s homes or in public places. Here he is giving the valedictory speech at Vivekananda College, New Delhi.

Maharaj Ji also established other holy places in Gobind Sadan. Jesus’ Place on the hillside is the spot where he saw Jesus in vision in 1983, spreading his arms wide and giving blessings for all who would come to that sacred place. Maharaj first set a triangular rock to mark the place where Jesus appeared. A small shrine for divas was built there, with a red stone against it to protect the divas from wind. He also built a temple for Lord Krishna near the rocky hillside, visible in the background of this picture.

Christmas candles lit all around Jesus’ Place, where the divine Presence was easily felt.

After the simple stone shrine, Jesus’ Place was marked by a cross, visited by people of all religions.

Maharaj Ji identified other historic places at Gobind Sadan, including this place where Sufi Sheikh Farid used to say his Namaz at an old pond. The pond was in what became the courtyard between Sukhasin of Guru Granth Sahib (to the right in this photo) and Maharaj’s personal havan in Dubai Kothi (on the left in this picture, in which sangat members are busy painting the area). Sacred water blessed by that place used to be kept in a stone bowl nearby.

“A tall Nishan Sahib (flag pole) identifies Gobidn Sadan as a gurdwara. Every month a brave sevadar ascends the pole to change the flag and cloths around the pole. This saffron is the color of victory, of celebration, and of the Guru.”

“Zia Shapiro, a visiting interfaith minister from the Sufi Order in the USA, with Mary. Zia led an interfaith worship service at jesus’ Place.”