A message from Baba Virsa Singh for Gobind Sadan USA


            Many people come to Gobind Sadan in search of healing. What is healing? A condition of the mind, body, and soul in which there is movement toward wholeness. What is wholeness? Union with our Creator, union with our True Self.       

            What prevents us from being whole and therefore healthy? All the negativities that we have collected during our life—and perhaps past lives as well. Negativity is not the natural state of the mind, body, or soul. We were created out of Love, nourished by Love, sent to this life with God’s Love. God’s Love can never be negative. It is always constructive, always supporting wholeness and therefore wellness. But everyone’s mind is sick. We have the disease of ego, which means the feeling of separation from our Creator. Instead of bathing in God’s Light, we are struggling in darkness.

We have become blind; we cannot perceive the Light that pervades everywhere. We look at the world through our own imperfect eyes and see imperfection everywhere. By concentrating on imperfection, on darkness, we make ourselves sick. We feel depressed, lonely, sorrowful, self-pitying, even angry at life. Looking at the life picture that we have created, we plunge deeper and deeper into darkness and sickness.

To move out of this negative, sickly state is not so difficult, because it is of our own creation. We can reverse the process by concentrating on Light rather than on darkness, negativity, and imperfection. If we simply sit quietly, welcoming the Light that is everywhere, inside us and outside us, and allow it to flood our whole being, all negative mind-states and conditions will fall away. To be bathed in Light is a very lovely experience. Every cell is sparkled; every cell wakes up and begins functioning well, vibrating with life energy. As Guru Gobind Singh said, God is “Sarbang pranang”—the life-force, the great energy of the whole cosmos and all that is within it.

In that vibration of pure, unclouded Energy, we are washed clean, and every cell dances with energy. Every cell then functions at its maximum. Negative thoughts have no room to grow. And the soul meets its own—its Beloved. The great longing of the soul for union with the One is fulfilled in ecstatic embrace. No longer are we separate, sick, and suffering. Instead, there is only the Light, the Presence of the One who loves all Creation for eternity.

This is not theory. It is a practical reality. Set aside your sorrow and negativity, close your eyes, relax, and simply look at the Light. Welcome it to every place where you feel a problem. Let the Light do its own work. Bathed in that Light, you will surely be healed, by His  grace.


  • Dictated by Baba Virsa Singh