September 19, 1997 – How can you be discouraged?

Some sevadars have come to complain to Maharaj about a problem at one of his centers. They are asking him for blessings. He answers them in very strong words:

            Which blessings should you want? That which is according to the Guru’s hukam. The Ninth Guru was happy even when going to sacrifice himself. Now everyone is sitting under fans, but we should never forget the Tenth Guru’s sacrifices. His children were so smart, but he wanted to make everyone smart, with strong willpower. He said, “They are all your children.”

            Now one wonders, where will we ever get such great beings again? A sevadar has the greatest position, for his whole life belongs to the Guru. That great Being is in his being.  

            Always remember that the Guru is so merciful, and dharma is God’s nature. Then how can we ever be discouraged or fearful? To believe in Him is to be without fear or enmity. If God is within you, how can you fear?

            Now people take the name of religion and make speeches. People see their weakness and doubt God. But God has no weaknesses. Managements are always bad, as if governments were trying to run the Gurus’ mission, which is very loving, tender, and holy. There is that Great Office which creates the whole cosmos. Nothing is lacking or weak there.