January 12a, 1995 – His vision of Jesus


True to his word, Father Gregorios has sent two artists to help make a statue of Jesus corresponding to Maharaj’s vision. Maharaj describes the whole scene:

            Jesus was standing behind the dairy in a flowing open robe with long open sleeves. His hair reached to his shoulders, and he had a small natural untrimmed beard. He was a thin, tall figure, more than six feet tall—perhaps six and a half feet—with thin wrists and a thin nose. His voice was very strong, echoing throughout the cosmos. But despite its power, it was also very calm. After he spoke, you could still hear the echoes. He was speaking in several languages. He was standing in a dung-filled place behind the dairy—there was no cleanliness there.

            The importance of this place is that Jesus Himself stood there and spoke there. An ocean of healings will happen there at Jesus’ Place. Crores of people will come. I am averse to fame—but if they go there for healing, it has nothing to do with me.

One of the artists asks, “May we inscribe simple verses on healing or love from the different religions on those dairy stone pillars?”

Maharaj agrees, and then speaks about religious organizations:

 I don’t go to these big functions. Dharma is not a matter of books, speeches, or seminars. Wherever Jesus went, he healed the trees, the animals, the earth under his feet. I feel that Jesus is not Christian. He is Light, in which there are no boundaries. Father Gregorios, in his love, always wants to take me to these meetings. Jesus is love, compassion, service. It’s your choice to identify with any religion, but Jesus gives Light to all Creation. We can say that if our faith is great. People think that Jesus has gone, but He is here, speaking with me.