January 14, 1994  – Hervinder Singh’s passing

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Hervinder Singh died of cancer on January 11 in Delhi. He was very close to Maharaj and was the one person who could always make Maharaj laugh. His droll humor and his way of talking reminded me of Peter Sellers as the Pink Panther. He knew when Maharaj was making a subtle joke, even when the rest of us didn’t catch it, and would dare to laugh. Maharaj loved to tease him. Hervinder Singh once said to me, “I know that Maharaj is God, but I want him as my friend.”


He had come from an aristocratic background but never married, instead devoting most of his adult life to Maharaj’s service. He wasn’t afraid of anyone since his Master was so great, and would walk into any office or onto the first seat on any stage, whether invited or not, without any qualms. Maharaj gave him the pet name “Melang”—someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.

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Maharaj said to me tonight in the car that Hervinder was supposed to live longer. I replied that Hervinder had told me that if he could not be well enough to serve Maharaj, he did not want to go on living. And when I prayed for him after his death, I found that his devotion to and longing for Maharaj are so strong that he is staying around here very close, in order to be near his beloved Maharaj ji. Maharaj said, “Absolutely. He disturbed my sleep last night.” Maharaj says he is thinking about where to send Hervinder next. He is thinking of Canada or America since Hervinder was so fond of foreigners, and he wants to send him to a good family, “for he served me so well.” He said to me that I should think of an appropriate family and then we will send a letter to them to let them know that such and such a child is coming.

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