January 8, 1993: More Questions and Miracles

Rather than resting like a normal person would after travelling halfway around the world, Maharaj met people from morning to night after his return to India. To those who came to see him in the “Green Room” later in the morning, he spoke of Jesus, Krishna, the Mahabharata and Vedas, genetics, Vivekananda, Guru Gobind Singh, and Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In the process, he covered many spiritual topics. For instance, he said,

To understand the existence of God is difficult. Especially ow, people are very worried about their personal existence and problems. . . .

If you disturb the things of a spiritual person, he will say, “So what? It was not mine; it was God’s.” If you want real happiness, think, “This body, this child are not mine. We are just custodians.”

A foreign visitor asked him, “After death, then what?”

Maharaj replied,

You take rebirth. Our soul passes through a place where it is decided what comes next. One’s actions may have consisted only of relationships with spouse and children, but those were duties assigned to one and nothing else. If that is all one did, the time was lost and cannot be regained.

In the evening, Maharaj sat in the audience hall near Gurcharan’s room and spoke to a group that included those who had met him on the plane—Naresh the scientist, the chief steward, and Laura—plus major old followers including Swaranjit Singh and his wife Prem, Rai Singh I.A.S., Mrs. Bedi, Tej Atwal, and Churchill Chadha. He spoke to them about how God helps those who make a goal, for “God is Friend, Father, Mother, Lover, Great Power controlling the whole universe.” He illustrated his points with examples from Guru Nanak, the Prophet Muhammad, the Caliphs Umar and Hazrat Ali, and Jesus. Then he spoke of some miracles that had happened to his devotees in Uttar Pradesh. One concerned Rai Singh, who was Principal Secretary to the Uttar Pradesh government at the time. He saw Maharaj’s distinctive bootprints in the puja room at his house in Lucknow when Maharaj was hundreds of kilometers away at Shiv Sadan:

They were the same footprints of the same walking boots, the same dust of Shiv Sadan. And where his house is, there is no dust at all. And no one is supposed to walk on that carpet with shoes on.

Another story concerned Roshan Lal, who was then an officer in police communications and had served in Mizoram when Maharaj went there in 1977 to help end a dangerous separatist conflict:

When Roshan Lal was in Mizoram, he came for darshan. He was very doubtful, as he was a worshipper of Krishna. When he went into Maharaj’s room, he saw only Krishna sleeping there.

Maharaj remarked,

I don’t know about these miracles. Only He does. He’s not my slave. But He does this every time. I don’t know why.

Naresh the scientist had a question: “Why should God despise the better-educated in choosing His messengers? What role can the better-educated play?”

Maharaj explained,

The well-educated person also gets a chance. There is no question of education or illiteracy. It is a question of ego. The well-educated person is standing on some position.

One day Judas asked Jesus, “Do you need educated people like me or just these uneducated people?” There was some ego in him. Jesus said, “You can only judge a tree by its fruit. You are going to deceive me.” The other disciples were not proud of anything. For them, there was only a matter of love. We people are not proud of anything. Neither are we educated, nor do we have anything. The one who is educated will always ask questions. My point is not against philosophers. When you love Him, He will bless you. This question comes from you who are educated, and not from those who are not. They just listen and go away.

Naresh persisted, “Will such a person have extra difficulty in loving God fully? Are there some extra practices an educated person can do to love God fully?”

“He just has to have faith in God, and that is enough. God will answer all the questions.”