July 23, 1995 – Don’t give up


            Andrew Euston, a high official in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development invited Maharaj to meet some colleagues—sincere architects and town planners–in his cozy, plant-filled home when we were in Washington in December 1992. Sensitive and altruistic, Andrew loves Maharaj and has stayed in touch since then. Now he has written a letter to Maharaj expressing his dismay about political things that are happening around him and saying he wants to leave his government job. Maharaj dictates this letter to be sent to him:

You should not leave the government. You should find more time for enjoyment—go to nice places for a vacation. But you should not break your connection with the government. Understand that everything that happens in your department is ordained and under the order of God; therefore accept it and be happy. He is also sending rays of blessing to you.

If you keep on feeling and criticizing what, how, why is this happening, that will make you more unhappy. You should pray to the Almighty who has made everyone and is guiding everything. When the Creator has created this container [the body], whatever is coming out of this is also made by Him.

There are many great examples of the co-existence of good and bad things. Why did they crucify Jesus, who was so full of love and compassion? When He asked God, “What is all this?” God said, “Everything is happening by My will.” People get nervous when they face problems and difficulties. But the Power that raised Jesus from the dead after three days surely could have prevented his crucifixion.

You may feel like resigning, but even if you leave bodily, your mind and spirit will not leave. The Holy Spirit’s love is always with you, whether you are at home or in the mountains or in a jungle. The Light and Love of the Spirit will be ever upon you. The vision has come for you: Do not try to leave your post. Fill yourself with love wherever you go. Do your work and pray.

Don’t be discouraged. You want that all people should be loving and just live happily. That is a bit difficult. Try instead to create a peaceful atmosphere in your mind.

Jesus said, “Those people who meet difficulties as they come to me are blessed. Those are also blessed who have love in their mind. Those are also blessed who want everyone to be full of love.”   Don’t leave those people who are miserable, upset, nervous. To leave them is against dharma. If the people who have good ideas leave the world and go to the mountains and forests, the people with bad ideas will have an even greater majority. You people with good ideas should jump into the world with your loving ideas. Do not leave; give your love to the people.

There is great blessing on you, for you have love within you and willingness to serve. Don’t separate yourself. Distribute this love among the people.

Andrew Euston, Maharaj, and Ralph Singh in Andrew’s house in 1992