July 9, 1995 – Remembering Surendra Nath


            It is the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of Sri Surendra Nath, Governor of Punjab, and his family in a private plane crash. They were all great devotees, and he was a very effective public servant. Maharaj Ji says to a gathering,

Surendra Nath was such a great personality: a rare combination of love for God and love for law and order. He had so many good qualities, such as his sweet way of speaking. Whenever he came to Gobind Sadan, he even shook hands with the malis (gardeners), without pride. He understood that God is everywhere present. He never said, “I am high and you are low.”  He knew that God is not far away; God is within us all.

When he went to Punjab, such clashes were there, but he started doing havan in the Governor’s house and reciting Nam and Jaap Sahib. That had a great effect even on the air and the earth; it created such a wave that love came into people’s minds.

He understood people of all religions. He knew that if a person was not loyal to his country or his neighbor, he was not loyal to dharma. God has not sent us to hate. God has sent us to set an example of good work.

From today, may we all do puja, paath, and Nam. It will create a rain of peace. In the whole world, we are all sisters and brothers. God is so forgiving. He overlooks our faults. He never closes the door of His Love.

As he leaves the stage, Maharaj looks back soberly at the picture of Surendra Nath and his wife Gargi next to which he has been sitting. Then when he sits in his small house to receive people, the first is Gargi’s 102-year-old mother, who comes hobbling and bent to receive his consolation over her great loss. She huddles at his feet, and he soothes her with very calm love, like a mother. She does not want to leave his feet, so she is made comfortable with a cushion there as dignitaries come to pay their respects to Maharaj Ji. Whenever there is a death, Maharaj is a great comfort to us all, for he wraps us in God’s Love.