March 14, 1994 – Major Sahib’s blessed mind


                 Major Sahib has a phenomenal memory. Whatever he reads is retained, even now in his eighties. He can speak for hours on any religious topic, with endless stories. He says, “It is Maharaj’s blessing. Twenty years ago I requested him that when I spoke I would know what is in the minds of the audience. He said, ‘There is no need for that. You are blessed!’”

In Gobind Sadan, Major Sahib gives a half-hour talk to the sangat at the havan every evening on some matter of spiritual history, and each evening, the subject matter is different. Here in Punjab also he is giving many talks. He says, “I am a diabetes case. Such a person always loses memory, or hearing, or eyesight. But nothing has weakened in me. It is Maharaj’s miracle.”