March 16, 1993: What will happen if we meditate?

Two great Christian theologians, Father John Vallamattam and George Vallatt, have come to meet Maharaj. Maharaj spends a long time with them, speaking to them about healing, having a goal,   the sacrifices of the prophets, selfless service, the politics of violence, and doing good in the world. At the end of the audience, George Vallatt says, “I have heard that if a person meditates, he sends out waves that purify the atmosphere, make it healthy and vibrant. If 1 % of the people meditate, it can make the city or world better.”

Maharaj answers, “There is no doubt about it. But there is only one condition: that a person will not get anything out of it, that there is no self-interest in meditation. That kind of meditation will definitely have an effect. If one thinks he will be glorified if he meditates, he may just be projecting an image of himself.

Meditation gives you silence, peace. When you meditate in that silence, you will speak to the tree and feel the presence of God in everything. It is not only that you will be able to heal people—if you sit near a tree, even that will be healed.

If people really meditate, where will all this crime and strife be? It will disappear. No one will be enemies—there will be just one big family.

But it’s very difficult. The service of God is not easy, not a soft path.  When Jesus was put on the cross, he said, ‘It is not my will,’ but God said, ‘I am giving My Spirit to you. Then he was like a sun in the world. It was a big lesson for us: to realize that until we give our spirit to that One, we will never attain enlightenment. This is the ultimate meaning of that sacrifice—that there was no difference between Jesus and God.

To get the blessings of God, we have to leave ego. We have to walk in His direction and knock on His door, with love. He’s always very happy whenever someone comes with even a small bit of love. The first thing is that we have to clean our minds. Then the Light can come. If our mind is dirty, how can the Light come?

God will give us a tremendous amount of energy and love. This tongue of flesh cannot express His blessings. “

Before taking leave of Maharaj, Father John asks him, “Why do you wear this kind of headdress?” [a tall turban] Maharaj answers, “This is my personal choice. There is no question of God in this. This is not anything religious.”