May 19, 1995: Letter to his beloved friend, Father Gregorios


            Maharaj ji called us to dictate a letter to Father Gregorios, whose health is failing and who has gone abroad for medical treatment. Maharaj dictated:

My beloved friend,

            I learned by phone that you have gone abroad. We have prayed that your physical difficulty will be healed. Your words and your love are so necessary for the world. God will make you strong. Come to Gobind Sadan, and also meet people. They so need God’s Kingdom of which Jesus spoke.

 I send you my love and God’s healing.  When you read this letter, you will feel this love and this healing very strongly. The energy in the world is not good for health, but I have absolute faith in God that He will bless your health. You are such a person who has given his whole life to speaking of the love of God. Quickly become well, come back, call us, and meet us.

            There is a very hidden secret in this. Just as a worldly father is so concerned for his children, as Jesus once said, “Those people are blessed who love and praise my Father in both happy and difficult times.” What we speak of as worldly difficulties are also matters of blessing. By your faith, God will make you well. Special love and concern is being given by God to such as you.

            In your inner love, there is no need for letters. Love is an inner feeling of which we cannot speak. We cannot say what it is. I am sending my message of love and my inner feeling to you, that God may bless you. Just so, Jesus was a healer of people, of trees, animals, earth—of all places. With that love, you will be continually healed.