Meditation I

Daily meditation is so important

– So many useless negative thoughts and emotions build up inside us.

– If we clean the mind daily, then it remains open, free, clear, unburdened, peaceful

– It will remain always ready to perceive the truth of each moment

– It will always be ready to listen to the inner Voice that gives us perfect Guidance

– It will be free to see the Beauty that lies all around us

– It will be able to feel the Love that pervades everywhere

– It will see the Light of God

– It can experience the indescribable joy of communion with the Beloved

If we meditate regularly, we will be the richest people in the world.

– As Maharaj always said, “You are running after wealth and happiness outside, but if you turn inside, you will find the great diamonds and pearls of the limitless spiritual treasure.”

– All scriptures are full of enticing descriptions of this treasure. Guru Amar Das said,

Immaculate is the golden body

Which is attached to the True Name of the True Lord

Through the Guru, it obtains the pure Lord of bright Light

And its fears and doubts are dispelled.

Nanak, the Gurmukh ever attain peace

And night and day they remain imbued with the love of God.

[Guru Granth Sahib p. 590]

How to sit

– Straight back important for free upward movement of energy through the chakras

– Sit with base slightly elevated so put back straight, or straight with support in chair

– Deep relaxation also important, so the energy is not blocked and the mind is calm

– Hand positions: Receiving blessings, connecting the inner currents, or grounding oneself in the Power

– Close your eyes


– The true method is only great love for God.

– Maharaj said, “There is no method for meeting God. It is only through love. Wherever we sit with love, God will come and find us.”


– We do too much inhaling all day, taking in so much of the outside world

– We do too little exhaling – letting it all go.

– On the deep outbreath, release all physical and emotional tensions. The inbreath will happen automatically.

– Exhale deeply at least 3 times, letting everything go.

– Relax deeply, but continue to sit straight

Look at the One you love

– Turn your attention away from the things and sounds of the outer world

– Look inside. The simplest place to look is the heart.

– Whatever Form of God you most love, see Him or Her there.

– That Form may be very small but full of radiant Light

– Or it may completely envelope you, so that there is nothing but Him or Her

– Look at that One with great love and total surrender

Keep your attention focused on the One you love

– Recite Nam to be in touch with the Nami and to keep your mind clear

– If thoughts come to interrupt that communion of love, let them go

– Don’t follow your thoughts

– Don’t let anything take you away from enjoying the Inner Presence of the One you love.

– This is your rare chance to be alone with Him or Her

– Keep bringing your mind back to full attention on the One you love.

Concentration on scripture

– Another way to meditate is to concentrate on a scriptural passage, while sitting as above

– The enlightened ones have lived in communion, and their descriptions of that state can help to lead us there.

– They speak in metaphors which are not the Thing, but can point us toward It.

– Example from Padmasambhava – 8th century Master who brought Buddhism from India to Tibet:

“These two—your mind whose nature is emptiness without any substance whatever, and your mind which is vibrant and luminous—are inseparable. . . . This mind of yours is inseparable luminosity and emptiness in the form of a great mass of light; it has no birth or death. To recognize this is all that is necessary.”

– Meditate on such a passage, experiencing the inner truth it is describing