October 20, 1993: A combine magically arrives



The combine has arrived! Maharaj has hundreds of acres of rice, many of them quite ripe by now. About 150 people have been working since September 28th to harvest the rice by hand, but the crop was getting ahead of them. Maharaj detailed a man to go to Punjab to bring a combine to harvest the rest of the rice quickly. He should have returned after two or three days, but seven days passed and he still was not here. The staff have been calling and calling, but he could not be found.

Yesterday Maharaj saw in vision that some Power was holding the combine back. He therefore told some other sevadars to go get a different one, but to first pray at havan that the way would be opened for this combine.
Then what happened? The sevadars went out for some work. They saw a combine on the side of the road. Its driver stopped them and asked the way to Bareilly. “Why do you want to go to Bareilly?” they asked. “To find work—there is no work here,” said the combine driver. They of course asked him to come to Shiv Sadan. He agreed and Maharaj agreed, so today in came the combine. Its name is Hira, meaning “diamond,” and it is indeed a jewel. It is very large and very fast. It leaves no grain in the field—only cleaned stalks—and very little chaff in the grain. The driver is also very good, working with full concentration to catch every bit of grain, continually raising and lowering the cutting wheels to adjust to irrigation channels, grain flattened by rain, and such. As soon as he fills one wagon, he sets off again without a moment lost.

The combine owners are so happy here and have discovered there is so much to harvest in this area that they have decided to keep their combine here, and later harvest the wheat as well.