September 21, 1993: Pir Sahib’s muscular crop

Pir Saheb


This evening when Maharaj was returning from Tejpuri he stopped near Pir Sahib’s dargah. Faithful Mama Bagicha Singh lived alone in a hut on the corner there, as that 55-acre field was his special responsibility. The paddy of ripening rice was brimful of water. Seeing very black rainclouds in the sky, Mama ji requested Maharaj Ji, “If you will permit me, I will drain this field before the rain comes, and then it will be watered by the rain. Otherwise, too much water in the paddy can harm the crop.” Maharaj said, “Okay—we will ask the crop.” Maharaj Ji closed his eyes, and then reported, “The crop says, ‘If this standing water is not drained out, I will be like a muscular wrestler. If it is drained out, I will be very weak, like a sick patient.’” Maharaj told Mama ji, “It is a strange thing, but the crop said not to drain it.” Mama ji accepted the hukam. That night there was not a drop of rain. The clouds vanished, and the monsoon totally stopped. There was no alternate method for giving water to the paddy—no electricity or proper tubewell. But up to harvest time, there was no need for any more water because Mama ji had not drained the field. The harvest from that field was excellent. When Maharaj Ji had first seen Pir Sahib in vision at that place, the pir had offered a great blessing—If Maharaj Ji would build his dargah there, this plot would always lead the whole farm in production.

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