St. Francis and the Wolf

Actors: St. Francis, wolf, townspeople, lepers

Prop: Simple shawl for St. Francis, bandages for lepers

Narrator: We should look for the best in everyone. There is a saying: “If your friend has only one eye, look at his good side.”

Once there was a very good saint in Italy named Saint Francis. He had dedicated his life to the mission of Jesus, and he was always remembering God. He had been very rich, but he gave away all his wealth and lived like a poor person [He gives things to townspeople and puts on simple shawl].

St. Francis took care of people with leprosy. [He changes their bandages and feeds them] He also worked to rebuild an old church which had collapsed, so the people would have a place to worship. [He does so.] He treated everyone as his own brothers and sisters, even the animals.

There was a terrible wolf living in the woods. He would come out of the woods and kill the people’s animals. Sometimes he even killed people. [He does so.] The people were terrified of him.

St. Francis went out of the town to find the wolf. The townspeople followed far behind, for they were so afraid of the wolf. [They do so.]

When he found the wolf, the terrible animal tried to attack him. [He does so.]

St. Francis [makes the sign of the cross over the wolf]: Calm down, Brother Wolf.

[Wolf sits peacefully at his feet.]

St. Francis: Brother Wolf, you have killed so many animals and people. Everyone hates you and is afraid of you. They think you should be killed. But If you like, I will make peace between you and the townspeople.

Wolf: [bows his head and clasps his paws]

St. Francis: Brother Wolf, I promise that if you will keep peace with these people, they will be kind to you and will give you food every day. Will you promise?

Wolf [bows his head very low and puts his right paw in St. Francis’ hand.]

St. Francis [to townspeople]: Brother Wolf has promised not to kill you or your animals, and I have promised him that you will be kind to him and will feed him every day. Do you agree?

Townspeople: Yes!

Wolf: [puts his paw in St. Francis’ hand]

Narrator: The wolf lived in the town for two years and did not harm anyone. Every day the townspeople brought him food [they do so]. When he died, they all mourned for him.

No matter how bad the wolf seemed, there was something good in him that no one had discovered until St. Francis called him his brother. Even in the worst people, there may still be some goodness that can be awakened by love.


  1. Who was St. Francis?
  2. Was he rich or poor?
  3. What did he do for God’s mission?
  4. Why were people afraid of the wolf?
  5. Why wasn’t St. Francis afraid of the wolf?
  6. Why didn’t the wolf attack him?
  7. What was St. Francis’s promise to the wolf?
  8. What can we learn from this story? [love people and speak to the goodness in them, and it will come forward]