July 23, 1995 – Don’t give up


            Andrew Euston, a high official in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development invited Maharaj to meet some colleagues—sincere architects and town planners–in his cozy, plant-filled home when we were in Washington in December 1992. Sensitive and... Read more

 October 21, 1995 – The dervish is bound only by love


            An Islamic visionary from a 500-year-old pir’s place in Madhya Pradesh, Syed Anar Shah Rahmud Allay from Iraq, has come to see Maharaj. Maharaj tells him,

The dervish is unique. After the prophet leaves, people bind him into... Read more

2 November, 1995 – Maharaj’s photo for the 9-yard pir


            Two days ago, Giani Ji and Bakshish were coming back to Delhi. As they passed through Ambala Cantonment in Haryana on the Grand Trunk Road, Bakshish remarked to Giani Ji that a very great pir’s dargah (tomb) was... Read more

December 20, 1995 – How to spread the mission


              Maharaj is speaking privately to his staff, giving very important clues about how God’s mission is to be spread. In part, he says,

              In our mission, two things are joined: making use of people’s bodily energy and... Read more