2 November, 1995 – Maharaj’s photo for the 9-yard pir


            Two days ago, Giani Ji and Bakshish were coming back to Delhi. As they passed through Ambala Cantonment in Haryana on the Grand Trunk Road, Bakshish remarked to Giani Ji that a very great pir’s dargah (tomb) was there. Half an hour later, Giani Ji got hukam to turn back. He had looked at the pir in vision and had seen that Maharaj’s name was over the pir’s head where he was sitting.

            Giani Ji reported that when they returned to the dargah, the pir took him by the neck, as if to choke him, saying, “You have passed this way so often. Why have you never stopped here to see me?” The dargah is a very famous stopping place. For instance, all the truck drivers stop to circumambulate the 9-yard-long grave.

            This morning Maharaj had a vision of the 9-yard-pir. The pir indicated that he loves Maharaj very much and that he wants Maharaj’s photo. He himself will wave Chaur Sahib over it. Maharaj asked him, “Won’t people take the photo?” The pir said, “How will they? I myself will guard it.”

            So they called me to help get a suitable photo of Maharaj to send to the pir. The one chosen at last is one of Maharaj in vairag, taken by Longman Studio. I wrapped my laminated copy of it in a clean white piece of Maharaj’s former turban, tied it with green string, and gave it to Balwant Singh and Giani Ji, who are about to leave for the pir’s dargah.


P.S. – Doing Chaur Sahib over Maharaj’s photo, which was placed on the wall near the 9-yard-pir’s tomb, is now standard practice for all who visit the dargah. Even though they may not know who is the powerful saint in the photo, they pay him great respect.