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November 30, 1995 – Developing better human beings


Mr. A. K. Kaushal, ADO of the Directorate of Agriculture in Shimla, is especially involved in the purchase of peas. Maharaj Ji gives him a wonderful talk about the need to study how to develop better quality in human beings, just as scientists study how to create better quality in peas. In part, Maharaj says:

Baba Virsa singh ji

In the past 50 years, there has been so much agricultural development because true study has gone into how to cross plants for qualities such as disease resistance and drought resistance. Humans haven’t been studied at all, and thus we have worry, crime, and corruption. Animals have been extensively studied, but not humans. We know we are affected by our genetic inheritance, but If our bloodline changes, will we rise above corruption?  There have been no such studies.

There has been so much study of how to improve wheat, how to increase milk production in cows, and how long trees can live, and we know how to lengthen people’s lives, but not how to increase their quality. A 50-year-old person can have the strength of a youth through vitamins, and they can take a blood sample and analyze it for 1400 different factors. But how to develop high-quality human beings, above lying, corruption, and worry?

Baba Virsa singh ji


In America, they find liquor in the blood of newborn infants. They asked me how to make children good. I told them you can send them to school and college, but if you really want to change children, leave intoxicants and change your own character. The example set by parents is taken in by the children. With love and sweet talk, children automatically will be good. If you change your own mind, you will develop character and quality in your children.

You look at the qualities of peas and approve them if they are of good quality. You take a sample to determine quality and then set the price according to the quality. Human beings’ quality is down. We should ask the Guru how to raise it.


Baba Virsa singh ji

There is evidence that children are learning even in the womb. Qutubuddin Kaki learned the Holy Qur’an by hearing his mother read it while she was pregnant with him. Then the way that parents raise children is a great science. But people are stuck in anger and laugh if they hurt someone. People don’t respect their bosses or their teachers, because their character is low.

The quality of potatoes and rice is being improved, but not the quality of people. Be sure to worship because it will develop love and happiness in you.

 It was a priest—Mendel—who first crossed peas. It was a gift God gave him.




Baba Virsa singh ji