December  8th 1995 – Conversation with his friend, Father Gregorios


            Father Paulos Mar Gregorios, Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan and former head of the World Council of Churches, is Maharaj’s dear friend. Now he has a serious ailment which limits his activities and may threaten his life. He has come to Maharaj for intimate encouragement.

            Maharaj says to him,

Father Gregorios and baba Virsa singh ji


            Some people take on other people’s sufferings by praying for them. Somebody touched Jesus’s garment. That healing passed to her immediately. He [felt that and] asked, “Who is touching my dress?” People who heal always have to take a little of others’ sufferings, as if carrying them on their shoulders.

            To understand this is dharma. In love there are no questions. You surrender to Him, and He does. All power comes from Jesus.

            Father Gregorios agrees: “We are only channels.”

            Maharaj assures him,

            You will be all right because you are doing work for the Great Worker. He knows what is happening to you. A child doesn’t know, but the father always takes care of him. Whatever He does is right. Whenever we think correctly, it is only because of Him.

            If the priests will move aside, God will come in as a flood.

            Father Gregorios says, “Jesus said they keep others out—they want their own world.”

            Maharaj says emphatically,

            What can they do without Him? They should move aside and let Him work. But they will only move aside when He chooses.

            Father Gregorios: “I am fully confident of that.”

            Maharaj continues,

            The more we interfere in His work, the more problems we create for ourselves. Let Him do, and enjoy. We are only His guests. He has given us everything free. If we even thank Him from all the pores in our body, even then we cannot thank enough.

            To understand that He is beyond us is the ultimate truth. But yet He is also within us. If He leaves, we are dead.

            This is His way of working—through people. He creates good people and tells them, “Go and work.”

            My feeling is that if people become clean, all Creation will be purified. Our poisonous thoughts pollute the atmosphere. That poison disturbs everything. We should think: Is the Messiah wrong or are we? He said to love and serve. We should decide whether He is right or we are right.

            Father Gregorios remarks, “Human thoughts and words are the pollutants but also the source of grace and love.”

            Maharaj repeats,

            We must make this decision: Is the prophet right are are we? Religious leaders are making a business of uniting people with God. But if people come to me, I don’t make them Sikhs. I ask them, “What is wrong with Jesus? If His way is right, why are you bothering me? I love Him—You should also love Him.”

            Father Gregorios observes, “We think we have to fight other people in order to raise our own prophet.”

            Maharaj says,

            We say that Jesus is great. He is, but not by our saying so.

            The time has come that dharma will spread. The bad people who are misusing the Name of God will be exposed. In those conferences about religion, there is no love—just “How can I become famous?” Never bow your head to such a person. Only praise your Father. He is already the most famous. The flowers and trees are praying to Him.

            God is watching and laughing at us: “What drama they are doing in My Name!”

            Government leaders always think of themselves, but the main problem has been created by the religious leaders. Always look at what dharma says; try to please God only, not the government or the people.

            Stay away from wanting to be famous. If we stay only with God, then God, the public, and we will be happy. If we bring ourselves in, none of us will be happy.

 Clean yourself; let His Light of Love enter you. His Light is coming 24 hours a day, but we have closed all the doors. Only a little of that Light passes through those doors. A person who makes forts will never be happy.

Everything is bowing to Him, but we are always interfering. He minds, but He doesn’t scold us because He is full of love. He watches us, laughing. Who has stopped that flow of love from Him? The priests.

Father Gregorios begins talking about an organization which has used his name for many years to promote their group. “Why should we keep any relation with them? The One we love has no connection with them. Are we to love those who are opposed to God?”

Maharaj says,

That’s a different matter. Once I had a dream in which there were three groups.  I distributed prasad only to those who loved me. But Jesus said to me, “Give prasad to all of them. Why favour one? They will all become good.”

People get discouraged with me, for I don’t go to their meetings. But what can I do? I don’t have any inner permission to go. You may consider this my fault—or maybe it’s God’s gift. Everywhere they were going to use my name—not for God, but for their personal reasons.


Father Gregorios and baba Virsa singh ji


Father G: “People talk so much, but don’t believe what they say. It is just empty talk.”


People are ready to believe, but the person who is speaking is giving wrong guidance. You don’t even have to speak. Vibrations heal.

Father Gregorios says, “I’ve told many people that’s what Babaji does. Babaji is always praying for me. People ask why he hasn’t healed me.”

Maharaj Ji says,  “You are serving the One who created the universe. Why will He bypass you? “

Father Gregorios asserts, “All divine power comes through Babaji or someone else.”

            Maharaj looks at him fondly and says, “You love me so much that when I see you I’m so happy.”

Father Gregorios and baba Virsa singh ji