December 16, 1995 – At Bhai Mohan Singh’s


              Bhai Mohan Singh is a highly respected elderly Sikh gentleman who was the CEO of India’s largest pharmaceutical firm and has also served for many years as Ambassador of San Marino. He lives in a lovely “bungalow” in the heart of the center of Delhi which was designed by Luytens, with wide shady avenues and elegant one-storey “bungalows.” The walls of his garden are covered with beautiful climbing roses. He has been holding Akhand Paath—continuous reading of the entire Sikh scripture, Guru Granth Sahib—for 48 hours in his home and has invited Maharaj Ji as the special guest for the closing ceremony. The audience consists mostly of Delhi’s Sikh gentry. Maharaj ji says to them,

What is Guru Nanak’s hukam for us? We all know that our thoughts are not under our control. Our old karmas have come with us, so control of our thoughts is broken. We hurt others, we are angry. Guru Nanak taught us that we should be connected only with Nam. He said, ‘Kali Yuga has come. Sow the seed of Nam.” Nam takes you out of worldly filth, puts you on a good path, and merges you with God. Guru Nanak counsels us to meditate, recite Nam, and have love for God.

But as you all know, sects have been made out of his teachings. Boundaries have been formed. But if we consider Guru Granth Sahib, what is the sect of Guru Nanak? Sacred Names of God from many religions are included in Guru Granth Sahib. What then is Guru Nanak’s sect? That in which the whole Creation is included, from which all prophets have been born.

We should not worry. Worry is His. As is written in Gurbani, He provides for the creatures even in the waters. But our mind is not at all under control, so we have worry, anger, fear. This means that we have very little faith in God. If we have faith, why fear? Why worry?

So long as we do not do Nam and paath (scripture), do not love God, our evils from previous lives will stick to us, always troubling us. Those evil come into us because we don’t meditate. We just do the outer rituals.

There is nothing in which God is not. The Guru is sitting inside us. First thing in the morning, go inside and speak with Him. You will have the inner realization that everything is inside you.

This is not theoretical. You can talk to trees, talk to crops to ask what they want.  I have full faith that Guru Nanak is also in the trees and crops and in the earth as well. There is no value or truth in theory. Love is an inner thing.

God is not only within bhagats. God is in all of us, but we have not meditated. Shaikh Farid and Bhagat Nam Dev [Muslim and Hindu saints whose inspired hymns are included in Guru Granth Sahib] recited Nam. With meditation, our ignorance will be finished and Light will come. Keep reciting His Name with every breath. Then enlightenment will manifest within you and there will be Light everywhere.

Guru Nanak’s mission has not spread because we are not good examples. If we bow at gurdwaras but criticize and grab others’ rights, what does it mean? Tomorrow one day is gone, next day another. Meditate as your food. This is the food of the mind. Turn inside and then you will understand what Guru Granth Sahib is talking about.  

Bhai Mohan Singh, Maharaj, and Major Sahib with Guru Granth Sahib