December 20, 1995 – How to spread the mission


              Maharaj is speaking privately to his staff, giving very important clues about how God’s mission is to be spread. In part, he says,

              In our mission, two things are joined: making use of people’s bodily energy and meditation for enlightenment. We deal with waste land and wasted lives. In our programme, both body and mind are kept busy.

              When a person comes from outside, love him. Don’t have any expectations. Just welcome him. In most religious places, people take money for lectures, room, and food. All are free here. Whatever we have is for everyone.

              The whole area where we are developing Shiv Sadan is bad. The people have no training for thanks. If you give them something, they demand more. But dharma is a subtle thing, a matter of love.

From childhood, I have never expected anything back for myself. With this approach, things can develop like an uncontrolled flood. By a different method, one can become rich. By this method, nothing is controlled. A person with this kind of approach can help the poor so much. We have nothing, and we have no worries. It is God who thinks how to control all of this—how to take what is lying waste and develop it.

Most of the development of Shiv Sadan is finished. Now it is a question of how to work together to improve the buildings and to spread the message to the world. We can make a school, hospital, etc. here, but we need teamwork. With machines, women can do a lot of the work.

We have made this place to give light to the world. If there is teamwork and dharmic power, it will spread to the whole world. Our nishana (aim) is that everything belongs to God. Thus all the fish are caught in the net.

First develop the practical things as proof. Buildings can come later. Don’t take anything from others. Ask only God. God is happy when a person speaks of practical things. If a person speaks from theory, He laughs.

What is the difference between wealth and poverty? Get up and work. What is our standard? Drink tea while standing among the cows.

When a person works for the world, everything needed is given. Telephones did not come from the sky. They came from sacrifices in scientists’ personal lives. They put their whole attention on that, and hardly saw their families. Look how dervishes gave their whole life to bring light to the people.

Don’t write about what you don’t fully believe. If you do believe, the arrows will go straight home. When you send good thoughts, by any medium including thought, they will heal people.