December 23rd, 1995 – To Russia with love


              Valentin Sidorov of Russia has come again with some of his followers to speak to Maharaj about their efforts to bring harmony among religions. Maharaj spends a long time talking with them, giving examples spontaneously from the lives of all the prophets. In part, he says,

Many proofs have come to us that those prophets have no boundaries. Muslims make a distinction between kafirs (non-believers) and Momins (believers), but kafir actually means “one who conceals the truth,” and Momin means “one who bears witness to the truth.” These labels have been divided along lineage lines, but to be born in a Muslim home does not make you a Momin. I do not call myself Muslim or Christian, but I love them all.

I do not want to take the position of a prophet. I want to join everyone with the prophets. There is nothing new for me to say.  Prophets have already spoken. When we all believe, everyone will be blessed. We need blessings.

I feel that God is One and the prophets’ message is one. You will also have to believe the same thing if you want to talk about God. People will criticize you. But you should think that people should start praising God. If they call us bad, it makes no difference.

Also note that not everyone will thank you. Do not expect that people will follow you. Who will be creating troubles in your way? Priests. But never mind. Do not say anything that you do not believe yourself. When your mind has agreed, the blessings of God will be showered on you.

I am not speaking to judge you, but to give you ideas that have grown in me since childhood. I have faced difficulties, and only then have spoken to you thus.

God has only one fort: Light everywhere. We cannot confine it. He is in all of us. See Him and talk to Him. God understands only one language—the language of love.

There are not big crowds of saints. They are not a majority. They are quality. When you move around within a country, if you find one saint in the whole country, you are very lucky.

Professor Sidorov remarks, “So we feel very lucky.”

Maharaj continues,

The dervish does not use force. His glance and his power change people. You should all create spiritual power within you. We cannot talk of a subject, a truth that we have not studied.

May God grant you love and His wisdom. But do not expect people to praise you. You praise God and ask people also to praise God.

Move along comfortably. God makes His own path. He has more intelligence than us. Let God be the authority. We should become servants and work. We will remain under His command and will be happy. He is always happy. He does not enslave anyone. He has given us free will and free brain.

Never become angry. People will try to make you angry. People stoned the Prophet, crucified the Messiah, threw stones at Moses. But they were always distributing the fragrance of their blessings. They were above these things. They were not looking at the evils of others. They were always looking at blessings.

When light comes, darkness will disappear. When you will love Him, you will always see Him and talk with Him. Remain happy. Make your aims firm: that we have to love God and talk about God.

Move ahead calmly. God knows what is to be done. We are just the spokespersons. The work is to be done by Him, the Creator of Causes, the Giver of Sustenance. He is Chastiser of Enemies, very beautiful in His Splendour.

As Sidorov takes his leave, he says, “I leave Babaji’s house very happy because I got answers to all my questions. We hope that one day we will receive Babaji in Moscow.”

Maharaj says, “We will come.”

Old newspaper photo of Sidorov with Maharaj

Eduard Balashov, Mary, Valentin Sidorov, Yuri Ageshin, and another member of International Association for Peace through Culture with Maharaj

Sidorov and his guests from Russia in Maharaj’s garden