February 1, 1993 – To Daniel again: Everyone wants to be a teacher

The next day, Maharaj blessed Daniel by giving him Nam. Daniel asked for his blessings for being able to see clearly and to understand, in order to manage the responsibility of organizing the huge Chicago interfaith conference, for which he was inviting 30 religious leaders from India alone, in addition to many from other countries.

Maharaj blesses Daniel
Maharaj blesses Daniel

Daniel said, “I think that when one sees, one knows what one must do.”

Maharaj replied,

When we start loving Him, this is the first understanding He will give. It is inside, hidden, but it comes out when you start loving Him. Keep loving Him, and He will give you not only understanding but also the true knowledge of things.

Daniel confessed, “I doubt if I will be strong enough.”

Maharaj assured him emphatically,

You have the strength. And when you start loving God, He is waiting to give you a lot of strength and power. There are oceans, floods of Power lying with Him. You will receive so much that you will feel full, but There it never empties. It is always full.

Then the conversation turned to other things. Maharaj advised Daniel,

One day Jesus was asked, “If husband and wife cannot live together, can they divorce each other?” Jesus replied, “Don’t you understand that you have been brought together by my Father? How can you even think of divorce? If you are not giving love to each other in your home, how can you give it to others?”

I am convinced that a person who accepts and obeys all the things that Jesus said will be a very good person. A good student will inevitably develop the good qualities of his teacher.

The biggest problem today is that there are few students, and everyone wants to be a teacher. To be a teacher is a very big responsibility, the biggest responsibility. But people don’t want to do anything, so they become teachers. As the number of such people increases, there is more trouble and revolt in the world.

The real reason is that we human beings do not want to part with our pride, our ego, our anger, our jealousy, our desire. We want to keep all those things. And at the same time we are asking God to come. God will not come unless we drop all these things. That is where the tension arises—we do not want to let go of them.

Once God’s blessing comes, all these things will disappear. There will be love for all human beings, for all of Nature. You will see them differently. You will be able to talk to the plants in a practical way. You will receive the love to see them, to communicate with them, because they also have God’s love within them.

The need for today is for God to give us His eyes so that we can see. When we ask for these things, God is very happy and grants them right away. If we ask for the right things, God gives them immediately. If we ask for other kinds of things, God—as a father– wonders why we do not want what is good for us. Once we all ask God to give us His eyes, God will be happy to give, the plants and trees will be happy, and there will be happiness all around.

Today’s problem is that we want to read and talk about what is in books, but not to believe it. To speak about God is so difficult. God is so big, so powerful. One feels one cannot say enough, for God is so vast—so one remains silent.

How are we to preach God’s love? By our own way of living. You cannot hide God’s love. All your actions start revealing the love of God. Your way of living and your actions will speak, and that will attract people.

We must make this decision: I do not want to be a saint, a messenger, a guru. I just want to be with Your Love. Then what will come forth from you is what is in your heart, and God will be very happy. Now we all speak from the tongue. God is very amused, for God knows we are not speaking from the heart. This is why there is so much trouble in the world. The people who are preaching are neither peaceful nor working.

As the audience ended, Maharaj said to Daniel, “I believe that what has brought you here is God Himself—not your own choice.”

Daniel responded, “Meeting you is a great way to get over jet lag.”