10 May, 1994 – Sethi saved by faith


Sethi, a long-time sevadar of Maharaj, was given up for dead when he had a terrible motorscooter accident in nearby Andheria Morh. When police came, they threw his seemingly lifeless, crushed, blood-covered body into the back of a van and sent it to the hospital. Doctors did nothing for him until a nurse happened to notice a bubble coming from the blood on his nostrils. She checked, and there were still very faint signs of life. Although he was very critically injured, doctors were able to revive him.

Giani JI brought this news to Maharaj Ji. He replied,

There are so many accidents. People are very worried about them. Sethi may be of quarrelsome, critical nature here, but he has faith in me. People are slaves of their own nature. But if there is trouble in the family, everyone feels it. Everyone was praying for Sethi. We should help everyone.