4 May, 1994 – The womb of Buddha


Elinore Detiger has come. She is a force majeure behind the scenes, internationally organizing and supporting good causes, especially empowerment of women. Maharaj has a long conversation with her, encouraging her to grow even bigger in love.  In part:

Maharaj: When we are working for God, how can we explain? Only He knows. We have only a little pocket of love. We place it before God, whose love is an ocean. Give all you have of love to God. Then He will rain love on you.

Elinore: It’s simple, but it takes a long time.

Maharaj: It does take time, but knock at that Door. He is not being enriched by that little love we take to Him. He owns everything. We are empty; we are the ones who need it. Always remember that if we approach Him with love and sing His praises with love, the benefit is ours. Love Him. He is within.

Elinore: It’s like growing into another world and sitting there. It’s hard to carry both together, and we tend to go the human way.

Maharaj: The taste of That is so good that these other tastes don’t appeal. Jesus always used to say, “Love Him—He’s so tasty.” The sweetness and attraction in that Love is indescribable.

Elinore: It’s hard to be normal then.

Maharaj: One becomes stable. Then you begin to live in correct alignment. It is our lack of faith and love that keeps us in this state. He is all-pervading. India is not special. Wherever you have that love, He is there.

Elinore: When this love begins in you, some will oppose you.

Maharaj: It always happens. But in the end truth will prevail. But one must be a good example. If you send out a good sample, you will get a lot of orders.

Some nations are under the impression that dharma means to sit idle. It is actually the hardest work—to help others. You are working and feeding and giving medicine to ten other houses, and giving your time, too.

Elinore: We are organizing a global conference of thousands of women in China for September 1995. This is the moment to recognize the truth of the power of women who give life.

Maharaj: There is no confusion. Women are already great. Everyone will have to agree. There is no way women can be ignored. They have to be received with due honor.

Elinore: I want spiritual women to be present. They don’t have to talk.

Maharaj: Good idea.

Elinore: We waste time at these meetings. People come from all over, but then just talk. You are like a Buddha–You carry everyone in your womb.