25 April, 1994 – Sanju is saved


                When we returned from Sarawan on April 22 at 4:30 a.m., Gurcharan told Maharaj Ji that Sanju, loving and innocent son of Gita Singh, was very, very seriously ill in the hospital. He had contracted malaria, and then the medicine given to him to cure it was so strong that it destroyed his red blood cells. His blackened blood came out in his urine—bottles and bottles full of black urine. Then he vomited black blood. The Safdarjung government hospital could not seem to find blood of his blood type for a transfusion, even though Gurcharan sent four volunteers there to give blood for him.

Maharaj looked at the situation in vision and was very silent. He later reported that he saw Sanju wrapped in a shroud and the cremation pyre being prepared. Then he said, “Nothing can be done to save him unless Gita Singh comes to havan and asks forgiveness. He has made so many mistakes.”

Gita Singh came from a Brahmin Hindu family who opposed his giving his life to seva at Gobind Sadan. Nevertheless, he had done great hard work irrigating the fields, even in the night and winter cold. But Gita Singh had been very dissatisfied here for some time. When we went to Sarawan for 22 days, he totally stopped doing his irrigation seva. He had taken Maharaj’s permission to move his family out and find paid employment outside so they would have more money. Maharaj had said, “Tell them they have done very good seva here—that they can return at any time because this is their home. If they go elsewhere, their future is not bright.”

Gurcharan had continued to pay Gita Singh’s small salary even after he stopped working, but he was intent on earning money and less interested in Maharaj’s blessings. His wife had been earning 1500 rupees per month as a teacher for years and the whole family had been living free at Gobind Sadan, plus the 800 rupees per month given to Gita Singh. Their daughter Nilu was a gift to them from Maharaj, conceived when Maharaj gave them Prasad after 8 childbare years. Now Gita Singh was demanding a large sum of money from Maharaj for her betrothal. Giani Ji said, “Let them go once. They will be back, doing dandot (full-length prostrations).” They left without thanking Maharaj.

When I prayed for Sanju on the 22nd, God was very silent. Then I went back to the havan after Gita Singh and his wife Sushil had spent time there, per Maharaj’s hukam. Sushil was weeping as she did pocha (washing the floor, a way of clearing one’s karma). But this time when I prayed that Maharaj would hold Sanju’s hand, supporting him whether he lived or died, there was a very powerful  response—great light and vibration–, quite different from the silence of the earlier prayer. I thought perhaps Gita Singh had asked forgiveness.

On April 23rd, the news came that Sanju was improving. He has been given blood and has been shifted to Dr. Chopra’s Irwin Hospital, where they have blood for him. Before his parents asked forgiveness at the havan, it had been impossible to procure the blood or to reach Dr. Chopra.

By now, April 25th, Sanju is clearly improving, and his blood test is normal. His parents are daily doing full-length prostrations at the havan.

Epilogue: Sanju recovered fully, worked hard on his studies, and became an officer in the merchant marine. Now his good earnings help to support his parents, who have been doing devoted seva at Gobind Sadan ever since Maharaj saved him. Maharaj gave them the important seva of doing puja in several places in Gobind Sadan dedicated to Hindu deities. They do so very faithfully, and Gita Singh blows the conch shell better than any professional pandit who has ever come here. Their lives are fully blessed again. These blessings also miraculously saved Roshni, the elder daughter of their daughter Nilu, when doctors gave up all hope of Roshni’s recovering from meningitis.