April 23, 1994 – No rain on Maharaj’s wheat


On April 21st night as we were driving back from Punjab, a great storm came up, with wild wind and rain. “It’s not good for these wheat harvests,” we thought. Then yesterday, as Prem Pal and I were driving toward Shiv Sadan, we could see evidence that it had rained heavily earlier in the day. The wheat that had been cut and was lying in piles in the fields for threshing was thoroughly soaked—not at all good for the crop. The heavy rain and puddles extended almost up to Shiv Sadan, where no rain at all had fallen on the crop. There was just a slight dampness in the air which was dried by 8:30 a.m., and the wheat harvest was proceeding with billowing dust, proving that there had been no rain on Maharaj’s crops.