April 10, 1994 – Blessings for UP officials


Maharaj Ji has been invited to stay at the home of Dr. Rai Singh, Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh government, for several days, during which many government officials have come to meet him and take his blessings, including the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, Governor Motilal Vora, the  previous Minister of Finance, the DM of Buland Shar, the Home Secretary, DIG of Vigilance, and IG Police. To one gathering, Maharaj emphasizes control of the mind and avoidance of rajasic and tamasic requests. He links the rajasic tendency with asking for worldly things, and tamasic with anger and wishing ill for others. He recommends the sattvic quality, as Krishna advises in the Bhagavad Gita, linking it with praying without any interest in the fruit. Otherwise, he says, “Even when you are praying you are creating karma. Ravana was a victim of his own ego, so sure of his success that he dared to confront Lord Ram, who was sattvic. What God cannot tolerate is pride, ego, vanity.”

Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has come with heavy security, for on April 4th, there was an attempt to kill him. After uncharacteristically sharing a meal with him, Maharaj Ji blesses him with Prasad, gives him Jaap Sahib to read, and tells him that there is a cyclone around him which will destroy him unless he reads Jaap Sahib. He seems to be changing dramatically under Maharaj Ji’sblessings. Today Maharaj Ji says that the Chief Minister is a good man, “and for that reason Guru Gobind Singh came with his bow and arrows, blessed him, and said, ‘I will defend him.’”

Each morning during our stay, Maharaj stands waving Chaur Sahib over Guru Granth Sahib in Rai Singh’s home and asks him to read out the Hukam for the day. Today it is Guru Arjun Dev’s hymn, written on page 683:

                 It is by good fortune that one meets with that sublime Guru.

                Millions of one’s sins are dispelled if one serves one’s Lord.

                And he who is imbued with the lotus feet of the Lord

                Is not affected by the fire of sorrow.

                One crosses the sea (of worldly life) joining the company of                     saints.

                One covets not another’s riches, nor is contaminated by sin,

                And then Yama, the agent of death, touches one not.

                The fire of one’s craving is then quenched by God Himself,

                And taking to the Lord’s refuge, one is emancipated.

                After reading the Hukam Nama, Rai Singh tells the story of his being saved from a crash. Maharaj comments,

Everything comes with seva for and faith in the Guru. Everything is totally covered because you are doing seva to the man of God. With that, He is covering you for everything.

God is always there, always present. But we can’t see Him. Then He makes the form of a messenger, and he repeats the same ancient truth. But that form of God which we cannot see, He makes that into human form. It is He Himself who is the messenger.

Postscript, 13 April: Dr. G. S. Anand of Punjabi University, Patiala, founder of The Gobind Sadan Institute for Advanced Studies in Comparative Religions, reports that Mulayam Singh, who is his friend, told him that he said to Maharaj, “I am afraid of only one person. He is a dacoit and he is trying to kill me.” Immediately Maharaj saw Guru Gobind Singh in vision saying, “Tell him that man is already dead.” Now  it is front page news: That man has been shot dead. Maharaj says that he himself is amazed at the power of the Lord.


UP officials and Maharaj ji

UP officials and Maharaj ji

UP officials and Maharaj ji

UP officials and Maharaj ji 212