December 26, 1997 – Inspiring guidance for Narasimha Rao

Narasimha Rao was India’s Prime Minister from 1991 to 1996. He has come back to Maharaj ji again for blessings and guidance.
Maharaj ji first asks him, “How’s your health?”
Maharaj says,
With good karma, a person is so busy that illness doesn’t catch up with him. If he reads scripture, illness also doesn’t happen. But people forsake reciting Nam. Its role is to set aside our bad karma and improve bad periods. Dharmic people are not affected by bad times.
Our country has such a great history of sages. Their legacy has gone into the air, into the earth. So long as people live on this same land and do not thank Him, they will misbehave because we are not thanking the One in whose house we are living. When karma attacks us, we fall.
All our scriptures have told us that the body is temporary, but the soul is eternal. Our soul is connected with Spirit, whereas the body is like a house. If the house’s master is happy, the whole household is happy.
The soul does not die. If we are connected with that, who can make us unhappy or despairing? The soul craves meditation. If it doesn’t get it, it becomes sick. Now so many people’s minds are sick, because they didn’t get that food they were craving. With meditation, the whole environment is purified. Everyone is looking for a cure for the body, but if they find the cure for the disease of the mind, the body will automatically become okay. When our mind is sick, we will eat bad food and take pleasure in corruption. In the morning, get up early and pray, “Oh Bhagwan, my hands are in Your mercy, my thought is in Your control.”
Blood pressure and sugar are totally under the control of the mind. If you laugh all day, by evening your count will be down. If you worry, you are beating on your pancreas. When we worry, the juice inside us turns poisonous, but the same juice can be the remedy.
Loving God brings so much joy that one cannot imagine it. One goes to sleep so happily loving. But now no one is without worry, whether factory owner or farmer. Choice and taste are finished. God has given us the gift of taste and joy, but all are gone. What is this?
The greatest difficulty is that of a responsible in-charge person. He worries that there may be undue pressure on his people. But he neglects meditation.
Get up in the morning and add to your good account. It is our defense against karma. When we worship, we acknowledge that He is much greater than us. Then His virtues are showered on us, such as love, humility, and willingness to serve. With worship, we are buying God’s virtues. We do little and He gives so much. Don’t demand anything. He knows our every breath, our every thing. If we worship with love, the feeling comes to us that He is so merciful.
Listen to God’s voice inside. He knows what difficulties are in our mind or body and can remove them. The supply of everything is with Him.
We have got all our scriptures upside down. That is why our minds are sick. Perhaps what we do and think wouldn’t matter so much if we weren’t eating the food of this land, but we are. It is no ordinary country. The elements one gets here are not available elsewhere.
Wherever you go, think, “Oh God, these thoughts, these eyes, all are Yours.” Then you will be so happy. If you think “I,” then “You” will move back.
We have such a spiritual background and history of sacrifices in our country. We should follow them. We should not leave those paths that have brought us enlightened wisdom.