December 25, 1997 – Celebrating both Jesus and Guru Gobind Singh

It is Christmas evening, and Maharaj has come up to Jesus’ Place, where he is sitting near the right hand of our statue of Jesus. Someone has placed a crown on Jesus’ head that makes him look like a saint from old Russia. Devotees are spontaneously setting candles all around the place. Maharaj ji starts speaking about how we support ourselves by our own hard work here:
Our emphasis in Gobind Sadan is on hard work, on living from our own income. Guru Nanak taught us to work hard and share with others from our earnings. So no one will ever tell you to pay for your food here. It is not that Babaji is rich. The point is that we always keep our faith in God. When so many people come, we welcome you. You are our guests. We take from the One who gives everything.
In other places people sit idle and use God’s name. The difference in this place is that we look only to Guru Gobind Singh, whose treasure is vast.
My firm faith is that anyone who follows Guru Gobind Singh cannot be narrow-minded. On this day we celebrate the birthdays of both Jesus and Guru Gobind Singh. Both of them called God their Father. Everyone who comes here is taking Guru Gobind Singh’s Jaap Sahib, in which the Guru says that God has no sect.
People have kept arriving with candles, and the children are sent to light them. The audience for Maharaj ji’s spontaneous talk has increased, including various political leaders. In the cold, mist comes out of Maharaj’s mouth as he speaks. He is nonetheless comfortable and relaxed in his down coat, as he says,
In the Gurus’ mission, those granthis were given a great position who worked as well as carrying on management duties. Religious management can be corrupt. Look at the example of Marx to see how people can be driven away from religion by seeing its management. If people would really keep Guru Granth Sahib in their hearts, the world would be dharmic.
One who praises Guru Gobind Singh and criticizes Jesus will never be enlightened, and vice versa.