December 22, 1997 – The wonderful effect of raga

After blissfully listening to kirtan in the evening at his hillside garden havan, Maharaj speaks to his brother Mehal Singh and a group of villagers:
Such singing creates waves, and your isht (most loved form of God) begins to speak to you.
Guru Nanak did marvelous work that no one else could do, but when he was in samadhi people didn’t appreciate him. They wanted him to be worldly like themselves. So in vairag he sang, “The whole world may be against me, but You are my family.”
When we sit in meditation, our mind wanders everywhere, but raga immediately draws our attention to That. That is why all bani was given in ragas. With accompaniment on the rebab, people’s attention was drawn and those waves were created. With singing, a person becomes so still. Then he sees Him and starts crying and singing and praising Him. He says, “Who do I cry when I see You?” When vairag comes, you don’t notice the worldly people near you.
If you look at your worldly poverty, you may think God is other-worldly. But hold fast to Him, and step by step one day you will profit. This won’t happen if you let your goal weaken and listen to worldly people.
When you love God, you don’t actually desire worldly goods because there is so much with Him. No one is equal to Him. No worldly king is equal to that King, no worldly wisdom is equal to That Wisdom. Even if your head is cut off, the head of that enlightened wisdom cannot be cut. When you are God’s beloved, no weakness remains in you. When you speak, it is He who is speaking.
Praising Him benefits us. The rest of the cosmos is already praising our Father. The dervish hides when he sees Him, because he doesn’t want any worldly thing. Even then, people seek him out.
Always love Him and that love will come forth in all your actions. He will forgive all your bad actions. May these things you have heard become your practical life. Then when people see your life, they will believe in the Guru and society will change. Very few people met Jesus, but they saw his followers. People will ask why you are so happy. Say it is because you recite Nam and Jaap Sahib, and they will ask you to give it to them, too. Do as much Tapasya as you can. Everything is in that.