December 17, 1997 – Use your energy for love

We are nearing the end of 40 days in which teams of two people at a time are sitting in Maharaj’s havan in his hillside garden reading Jaap Sahib. After each verse, they are reciting “Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Sahib!” (O great and blessed Guru Gobind Singh), according to new instructions received by Maharaj ji. He himself is also sitting there again tonight. Lena and Gerald Shagedanov have brought some Russian officials for their spiritual regeneration. As two sevadars quietly read Jaap Sahib and wave Chaur Sahib over the havan, other devotees listen silently, some with eyes closed, as Maharaj explains to the visitors,
The scripture they are reading means that He has no form. His Power exists, but why can’t we see it? It is a hidden Power. There is such a vast cosmos—so many planets and stars. We can’t see or count how many there are. One wonders, “Who set all this in rotation?” The Guru says, “It is very strange that there are planets beyond planets. Seeing it, I am overwhelmed with admiration. How can all this stand? You automatically created all this and invested it with Your magnetism.”
Then one questions God, “Why doesn’t everyone know this?” He says, “This is not their subject.” Our thoughts are scattered in so many directions. But one day, a person concentrated his thoughts inside and realized this Power inside himself. He said, “I can’t measure how many suns and how many hells there are. I passed so many of them, but they are innumerable. Sitting on the earth, we believe there is one sun and one hell, but in fact there are more than one can imagine.” The Creator said, “I will show you even more.”
People should not challenge what is not their subject, for people can’t study everything. Some things are outside their field of expertise.
Like many other prophets, Guru Nanak said so much about the cosmos. One wonders how it was possible, but now we see that what he said is true. He emphasized that people waste a lot of energy. One who concentrates his energy can become a scientist, a good person, or a dervish. The Guru told us that so many things keep being created and destroyed.
If you study this carefully, there is no doubt about this Power. Managements have been formed to disseminate the words of the prophets, but their power is greatly diluted. When a person doubts God, it is from seeing that institutional management. In every religion, a committee has been made, with a head such as the Pope of Catholic Christians, the Calipha of Muslims, or the Jathedar of Sikhs. We can say that the calipha cannot become the Prophet Muhammad. The calipha is a manager. Similarly, the pope cannot be Jesus. Looking at the managers, do not lose faith in God. They have their weaknesses, but He has no weakness.
For people, the most important thing is to use your energy for love, service, and meditation to rid yourself of bad traits. A person can become a criminal; a person can serve others. Why? If one uses his energy in a wrong way, people become upset. If good people become strong, get power, they bring peace and good laws.
I think the power of God is in all of us. The greatest need in the world now is to love each other—to serve and keep our mind full of love for each other. So long as we have anger, that good power within us withdraws and is wasted. Ego, jealousy, and desire are also not good. What you want, others also want. Everyone, whether child or elder, wants love. I think the trees, all the animals, and the air also want love.
Take love, keep desire to serve in your heart, share whatever good things you have with others. When people see your great thoughts, they will be happy. Treat your equals as friends, and have compassion for those who are beneath you and try to lift them up. These are a few things that we need. We do not need worry.
When a good person uses his mind, it will become greater, and when you use your body well to work, the muscles will become strong. If love, service, and truth come forth in us, then there will be love in our country, in our society. We all need these things. You will also stay happy, our environment will not be spoiled, and God will be happy, too.
Everyone’s voice goes into the air, and carries an effect wherever it goes. The most poisonous sound is that of a human’s anger. People use so much energy to clean the environment, so much money, so many meetings—but the most important thing is how to make people’s thoughts okay. Miracles develop in minds that are controlled.
This is the duty of us all. We all have love within us, compassion, and dharma, but we have to take it with us. Dharma and God are not separate from us, or we from them. Turn inside yourself. Always take light and love from Him.
You look at the environment and wonder what will happen. Instead, immediately feel that Peace inside. He is our parent, and He will take care of us. He will give you His strength, and you will stay happy. Don’t worry much about what will happen tomorrow. The One who makes it will worry about it. Enjoy what happens today and thank Him for it, and do the same tomorrow. Tomorrow will come in any case. There is no point in worrying about it.
Lena asks, “You have said that the whole cosmos is rotating on one center. What is it?”
Maharaj answers,
You can call it Truth, or God. There are many millions of things revolving around it.
After receiving Maharaj ji’s blessings for peace in himself, his family, and his culture, the senior Russian official says, “There is no doubt in my mind that what Babaji has said today is true.”