20  February, 1995 – Maharaj’s personal experience of Jesus

Maharaj seems to be very close to Jesus. Balwant Singh said we made a big mistake not having a camera there when he and Maharaj went to Jesus’ Place this afternoon. We have placed a simple wooden cross at the place where Maharaj had seen Jesus standing. Balwant Singh says that Maharaj stood with his arms outstretched like Jesus on the cross, and then put his hands on the arms of the cross and leaned forward to put his forehead on the cross. Then he touched his eyelids with the blessed energy from the cross and embraced Jesus with his arms, as it were. He told Balwant Singh, “Jesus is very happy that we are standing here.” Balwant Singh, who is not a sentimental person, said it was so touching that he had tears in his eyes.

Maharaj has given instructions to the sculptor who is preparing a clay model for the Jesus statue using a painting of Jesus with widespread arms that Swaranjit Singh has found. From his experience, Maharaj says,

The face should be thinner, with eyes looking beyond this world at the heights. His face and nose are slim, eyes slightly blue, beard brown, and skin white, and he wears a smart chola (open dress, like Maharaj wears). The eyes are open but peaceful and silent, asking from There and speaking in this place where He stands.

Maharaj also reports,

These days people are coming down, flying like birds. They also join the prayer at Jesus’ Place. They have dhup (fragrant material), divas, and candles in their hands. Like angels, they are very active, coming down quickly. Their dress is like light, an aura surrounding their chest and body. They wave dhup around Jesus. I feel they are coming down from the heavens, not ordinary people. They are all wanting Jesus’ blessings. When they come down, they come on a beam of light.

That place where Jesus was standing is practical, not imaginary. It is very healing. People will definitely be healed there.