27 February 1995 – His healing presence


            I have brought Maharaj news from Father Gregorios that not only were all the doctors who came to our recent healing conference extremely impressed with Maharaj, but also one of them said to Father Gregorios, “I arrived there with a terrible headache, but after listening to Babaji, I found that my headache was totally gone.”

Maharaj speaks very softly to some of us about how the trees (he mentions Ber Sahib in Sarawan), the stones, the very air become charged with healing near the dervish. He says he has noticed that this has special effect on people who come from abroad and are here for the first time. I point out that every time I leave for America, I become sick over there, and every time I return here I become healthy again. Maharaj looks at me so sweetly and says, “A child lives on its mother’s milk. When the mother is not there, the child keeps thinking, ‘It’s time for milk, it’s time for milk,’ but there is none.”


            When I told these things to Bibi Jaswant Kaur, our great ragi, she said it is the same for her. “Whenever I leave to see my daughters, I come back as quickly as possible. I never stay more than one or two days. They ask me to stay three or four days more, but I tell them, ‘I have my duties to do there.’ Actually, what happens is that when I go to those comfortable places and sleep in those big beds, when I get up in the morning I have such a backache I can hardly move. I can’t wait to get back to Gobind Sadan. “

One of the women from Sikhanwala in Punjab told me that when any of the brothers go out and drink liquor or eat meat and then come back home, she gets a terrible backache. It also happens when someone else comes with them who had been drinking or eating meat. She asked Maharaj, “Why when other people make mistakes, why do I have to suffer?” He answered, “This is a sign of blessings, that you recognize that these things are wrong.”

When I go to the United States, many things happen: allergies, skin problems, heart murmur, hand shaking, digestive problems, breast lumps, pinched nerves, bursitis, etc. I have to drink bottled water there. I used to think it was a matter of jet lag, but if that were so, I would also suffer on coming back to India. Instead, these problems all vanish when I return here and I become stronger and healthier the longer I stay near Maharaj.

The last time I went—to greet my grandson Caleb, the new incarnation of Maharaj’s close sevadar Hervinder Singh—Maharaj had initially said, “Why are you worrying? There are plenty of people over there to take good care of the baby, and you know you get sick whenever you go there.” I didn’t want to take this guidance, so later I took his permission to go a few days after the baby was born. What happened? Not only did my daughter’s family not need me—they hardly even wanted me there for I was dreadfully sick with allergic sneezing, and they were afraid I might have the pneumonic plague which had just broken out in India. They even checked with their doctor to see if I could come near the baby. I spent my time outside miserably allergic, in a tent, and hardly held the baby at all. Not only could I not help—I was a burden on them. Maharaj knew.