3 March, 1995 – The Inner-Knower


                In Guru Granth Sahib, God is often referred to as Antarjanee – the Inner-Knower. Whenever Maharaj speaks to people, it is clear that he knows what is going on in their lives and in their minds. He knows us even better than we know ourselves.

From his inner-knowing, he gives a long and lovely talk to our dear neighbours, Virginia and Geoff Hawkins and their children, who live in a large and beautiful villa. He has apparently perceived that they are worried about something, so he emphasizes teachings by which one can always remain happy and mentally free. They include these:

Once someone asked a saint, “Why are you always happy?” He replied, “My Master is always happy. I look at Him, and He looks at me.”

Think like this: God has given us birth on this earth and has given us house, clothes, food, brain for thinking, ears for listening, eyes for seeing, legs for walking. Even after giving us all these things, He never expects anything from us. Nevertheless, we are sad, even though we receive all this free.

One day Jesus said, “You all say, ‘What will happen tomorrow?’ When tomorrow was made, who of you was there?” Your mother and grandmother were also thinking like that. Don’t worry for tomorrow. Sleep, and when you wake, thank Him. Your elders were always saying, “Tomorrow,” and they have all gone.

Remain happy, smile and play. Let Him worry Who has created us.

Always thank Him and think of Him twenty-four  hours a day. God always distributes love. Why are we sad?

What is the greatest prayer? What worship should we do? Think of the person who troubles you the most. Pray, “Oh God, please pardon and bless him. I am leaving this to You.” Then he will be okay and so will you. If you call that person bad, God will start closing the door on you.

Prophets do not come for the good people. They come to make the bad people good. Otherwise there is no reason for them to come.

When difficulty comes, think of Him and you will feel happiness even at that time. You will be desireless. Love is so powerful that it makes you forget everything.

There should be a fountain of love. Never think that there is a dearth of love.

Talk to Him. See Him. He is always with you. But we don’t see. That is why we become discouraged and sad. He is nearer than our hands and feet. He is sitting inside us.

Maharaj concludes the audience by telling them, “Mary always praises and asks for blessings for you. He is the greatest friend who requests God to heal you.” Will I ever get over being stunned to learn that Maharaj does hear my prayers? That even though I never say anything to him, he can repeat my prayers exactly? His remark to the Hawkins is taken directly and only from my inner prayers. How touching and wonderful to know that He truly is always listening, always watching, and of course always doing.