29 January, 1995 – Becoming the Chief Secretary


Amrik Singh Puni, IAS, has been appointed Chief Secretary of Punjab. He had come to Maharaj three times, from two and a half months ago, doing full prostration, and had been following Maharaj’s hukam fully:  waving Chaur Sahib over Guru Granth Sahib for one hour fifteen minutes in the morning and again at night, and reading seven Jaap Sahibs daily. No one thought he would get the position, for he was due to retire next October. People laughed at the assertion of Maharaj and Giani Ji that he would get it.

He has reported that he has done the practices with great pleasure.  He says, “Whether I became Chief Secretary or not is a separate thing. But I found a guru, and my whole life I will continue Chaur Sahib and Jaap Sahib. I have no words to express my gratitude. I am a very poor man. I never thought even in dream that I would become Chief Secretary. But then Maharaj gave me blessing and due to Maharaj I have become Chief Secretary. I had been a very upset person, but then when I saw Maharaj I have left every worry at Gobind Sadan, and I am totally free.”