28 January, 1995 – Healing a wild child

Healing a wild child

Dr. Sharma from the Agriculture Department of Punjabi Agricultural University is here again with his wife and their mad-crippled daughter Timmi, 4 ½ years old. They have given her so much love and care—steam baths, massage, special school, naturopathy—but when she first came here a few months ago she was nonetheless quite wild and out of control, shrieking with fear and struggling against their attempts to restrain her. Now she is clearly improving. Her face is peaceful and happy, with no shrieking, and she is beginning to play a bit with the other children. She has been treated for the past month by Maharaj’s sevadar, the homeopathic Dr. Tirath Singh, and Maharaj called him in specially yesterday to see her. “She has been blessed,” Maharaj said, “and she is improving.” By Maharaj’s hukam, the parents had been giving her jaal (blessed water) and raq (sacred ash) from the havan and oil from that jyot (oil lamp), using it in the massage of her deformities (including one hand bent in the wrong direction). And now they have also taken jaal and oil from Jesus’ Place, per Maharaj’s hukam.

Her sweet parents are vry happy, and now, Dr. Sharma says, Maharaj has also blessed them with a son. Up till now, they would have been too busy to care for another child, for they have been giving all their time to their daughter.

“She’s very religious,” Dr. Sharma says. “She likes very much to go to temples and gurdwaras, and she also likes to listen to Jaap Sahib and music. She is undeveloped, and that seems to help her development.” Before I took their photo in the “Green Room,” he had her bow before the pictures of Jesus, Guru Gobind Singh, and Baba Siri Chand, and her face indicated her happiness in doing so.