January 14, 1995 – How to be educated but faithful


                Naresh Singh, the scientist whom we met on the airplane from New York who is working as a leading official in the United Nations Development Program, has come again to see Maharaj Ji. He seems to be somewhat discouraged, so Maharaj gives him some very important spiritual guidance. In part, Maharaj says,

                When people see the wrong things done in the name of religion, they doubt religion. But you must look at the results. There is so much science in the scriptures. But reading so many secular books makes it hard for you to have faith in God. The simple people believe what God has said. Books confuse you.

Naresh asks, “So is it better for us not to go to school? Should we close all the schools and universities?”

Maharaj replies,

                I am telling you about those whom God has chosen [as prophets]. He mainly picked those who had not gone to school. The Prophet Mohammed, for instance, was illiterate. Whatever he was told, he spoke that. But it is also possible that an educated person could become a saint. It is not that everyone should not read.

                Naresh insists, “A person who has to work between the high authorities and the poor needs to be able to talk to both.”

Maharaj advises him,

There is only one path for you. Go deep inside yourself and thank God: “You have given me the idea to go to help the poor. This is Your idea, even though I cannot see You.” You will continue to be successful if you think, “It is only Yours.” Then your mind will be so clear.

                Never be discouraged. Always know that Door is open. Think, “If my plans are somewhat delayed, perhaps my mind needs a bit more clearing.” If you think the ideas are yours, you take on so much responsibility and you will become discouraged. You don’t have to tell God, for He knows your thinking. God is not separate from the world.

                As soon as a saint was enlightened, he became compassionate. He worked and used his mind, but he always thanked God and never felt any difficulty. His path was always clear.

                The Creator is in all of Creation. When you will believe this, you will have so much strength that you will be amazed. Your colleagues will wonder why. Maybe they, too, will begin to think as you do.

The saint always knew that God was at work, and he never became discouraged. The saint lived in the world 24 hours a day, but his goal was very strong, no matter what happened. It is not a matter of holding the reins of control with your hands; it is a matter of focusing your mind. Then your hands will obey.

Everyone said to the saint, “Bless us,” and their difficulties were removed. He said, “Just love Him.”

Once the Prophet Mohammed said, “Don’t become discouraged lest the door of Blessings become closed. It is always open, but if you think it closed, you will not enter.” There may be some delay, but waiting is a good thing. Don’t worry. If you let go of your discouragement, the door will begin to open. Light will illuminate your actions. And the happiness in your mind will have no limits.